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Sauce Remix Announces New Project #SoulFood2

You've heard him on Pastor AD3′s Billboard charting album “No Pain, No Love” (Bag Em’), Bumps INF's "Who Is Mark James?" (Vol.1 & 2), Dillon Chases' "Weak" (No Sir). You've seen him share stages with Lecrae, Yaves, JSON, Read More →

New Music: D Myles – “Quiet” feat. M.A.B.

Artist: D Myles Featured Artist: M.A.B. Song: "Quiet" Producer: D Myles Mixtape: Free At Last (hosted by DJ Wade-O) Mixtape Release Date: December 16, 2014 D Myles recently dropped the first single off his upcoming mixtape Free At Last. The mixtape will be hosted by our very own DJ Wade-O and is expected for release on December 16, 2014. Listen Read More →

Tha Kracken Announces New Battle Rap Mixtape “Tha Kracken VS.”

PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT: The mixtape as a platform for Hip-Hop’s newcomers has become so watered-down over time that it is barely recognizable to those who have been long time connoisseurs of the classic mixtape. One producer is reimagining this form of Hip-Hop expression to recapture its original purpose as a vehicle Read More →

New Video: #RPSMG – “#Startin5″ feat. Black Knight, JG, K.Agee, Mission & X-Ellentz

Artist: #RPSMG feat. Black Knight, JG, K.Agee, X-Ellentz, & Mission
Song: #Startin5
Mixtape: #RPSMG Deluxe Edition Produced by: Black Knight
PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT: Black Knight, JG, K.Agee, Mission, & X-Ellentz, #RPSMG, has took the summer by storm with their #RPSMG mixtape. With over 7,000 downloads the 1st week. In their new Music video, for their Read More →

Selah the Corner Announces ‘Hoodie Season 2: Black Dawn’ Tracklisting

Selah the Corner's newest project Hoodie Season 2: Black Dawn is only a few days away, expected to be released on September 2nd via Prior to the release Selah has released the mixtape tracklisting, as well as the production credits for a number of tracks. Check Read More →

New Video: Roy Tosh – “Take Me Back” feat. Benjah

Artist: Roy Tosh Feature: Benjah Song: "Take Me Back" Director: Benjah Album: The Revert Roy Tosh teams up with Benjah to create the visuals for his song "Take Me Back." The song appears on Roy Tosh's latest mixtape The Revert. Check out the video below:
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Selah The Corner Announces ‘Hoodie Season II: Black Dawn’ Release Date & Cover Art


God Over Money artist Selah The Corner is set to release his highly anticipated mixtape Hoodie Season II: Black Dawn on September 2, 2014.

The follow up to his first mixtape with the label, will feature Bizzle, Gemstones, Read More →

Free Mixtape Download: Armond – “Snooze Button III”

Artist: Armond Mixtape: Snooze Button III Release Date: May 18, 2014 Independent artist Armond is back for "Kairos Week" with a new mixtape entitled Snooze Button III. The project is available on Armond's website, along with the recently released mixtape Praise Break. With "Kairos Week" extending until the 23rd, we can expect Read More →

Serge ‘Off-Season’ Full Interview (Audio)

Tune in as Serge from CTF Records discusses his new project Off-Season, launching CTF Records, writing music for JSon and Flame as well as the music scene in Miami.

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Mixtape Review: Serge – Off Season

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Mixtape Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O

It’s funny how sometimes it feels like an artist just pops up out of nowhere. A lot of times people do not know how certain artists will get cosigns from artists Read More →

New Video: Oscar Urbina – “Pressure”

Artist: Oscar Urbina Song: Pressure Mixtape: Finally Label: CTF Records Produced by: Mashell Leroy CTF Records artist Oscar Urbina drops the official music video for "Pressure" of his mixtape Finally released earlier this year. The track was produced by Mashell Leroy, who was recently featured on the Wade-O Radio website with 4 Tips Every Read More →

New Music: Princeton Marcellis – “Till I Drop” feat. Los

Song: Till I Drop feat. Los Artist: Princeton Marcellis Mixtape: Excuse The Explicitness 2 Princeton Marcellis recently dropped "Till I Drop" featuring CTF Records artist Los. The track is expected to be on his upcoming mixtape Excuse The Explicitness 2. Stay tuned to the Wade-O Radio website for updates on Read More →

DJ Wade-O Presents….More Than Music Vol. 1 Cover Art, Tracklisting and Download Link

Download the new mixtape by DJ Wade-O and JahRock’n Productions, More than Music Pt. 1.  The thematic mixtape takes some of the biggest Christian Rap songs of the past year and mashes them up with classic Gospel, Hip Hop, Funk, Rock and Jazz Records.

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VIDEO: Making a Mixtape Pt. 2 – DJ Wade-O and JahRock’n Productions

Check out Part 2 of the Making a Mixtape documentary.  DJ Wade-O and JahRock'n Productions take you behind the scenes of the creation of Wade-O's new mixtape More than Music Pt. 1.

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VIDEO: Making A Mixtape Part 1 – DJ Wade-O & JahRock’n Productions

Go behind the scenes and into the the Studio Sessions of DJ Wade-O's new mash-up mixtape, More than Music Pt. 1 with JahRock'n Productions.

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