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Rick Warren Says New Jesus Biopic, ‘SON OF GOD’ Best ‘Jesus Movie’ Ever

Twentieth Century Fox recently announced it will release SON OF GOD in theaters nationwide February 28, 2014. This major motion picture event -- an experience created to be shared among families and communities across the U.S. -- brings the story of Jesus' life to audiences through compelling cinematic storytelling that Read More →

Full Interview with The Ambassador Pt. 3: “Flame On” Concept

Tune in as DJ Wade-O talks with The Ambassador about his next album Flame On, recording Stop the Funeral sessions and the real reason the world hated Jesus.

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Misconceptions or Truths: Addressing Christian Stereotypes

Stereotypes are a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. If we are honest, we've all heard stereotypes about some group of people at one time or another. All men are dogs. All women are hopeless romantics. All Americans are Read More →

The Jesus Guide To Prayer

In '3 Wrong Ways to Pray', we discussed 3 wrong ways to approach God. But is there a 'right' way? If so, what is it? Communicating with God can be hard, intimidating, routine, and/or just plain weird for some people. As Christians, we look to Jesus as our Read More →

Christian Leaders Explain The Problem with Kanye West’s ‘I Am a God’

Kanye West provoked several pastors to pick apart track No. 3, “I Am a God,” of his sixth studio album, “Yeezus.”

That group of pastors included Thabiti Anyabwile of Grand Cayman First Baptist Church and council member of The Gospel Coalition.

“I think it’s easy to see Read More →

3 Wrong Ways To Pray

There is a right way and a wrong way to do mostly everything. This even applies to prayer. Prayer is a unique opportunity, that we as believers, have to communicate with God. We are literally able to talk to the God of the Universe about anything. That's prayer. It is Read More →

How To Know You’re a Hypocritical Christian

Hypocrites are everywhere. In the church, in the world, in my house, in yours. Whether it be sharing tips about fitness and healthy living as the only right lifestyle, but eating pizza every night for dinner. Or taking a stance against premarital sex then buying condoms for your upcoming Read More →

Reaching the Inner City through Jesus – Frontline Movement

The Frontline Movement is a ministry geared towards reaching the urban context for Jesus Christ. See how you can help by getting involved.

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WJWD: What Jesus Wouldn’t Do and Why

What ever happened to just being a Christian? Being saved by grace and sharing the love of Christ to lead others to that same saving faith. Does that even exist? As Christians, have we become so focused on our agenda that we do not focus on showing love to unbelievers? Read More →

3 Misconceptions about Christians and Depression

Hearing the news of the suicide of Pastor Rick Warren's son, Matthew, not only saddened the hearts of many but brought to light a condition that is running rampant in the Body of Christ: depression. More and more frequently, suicides are headlining the news. It is heart-breaking to read Read More →

Is The Cross Really Enough?

This is a collaboration piece by Wade-O Radio Team members Rasheda and Mikaela.

Christians. Human representatives of Christ. More often than not, we are bad ambassadors. Ever wondered why God chose you? Me? Any of us to do His will? He knew that we are/would be liars, Read More →

Wade-O Radio Episode 269 – Legacy Conference 2013 Special Announcement

Christian Hip Hop Podcast:

The Legacy Conference is the première conference for Urban Disciple Making. Each year, thousands of people gather in Chicago at Moody Bible Institute to learn how to make disciples and celebrate the goodness of Jesus. This year, John Piper, Lecrae and shai linne have already been announced Read More →

Friend Zone: Watch The Company You Keep

Friends in Your Zone

As mentioned in Part 1 of the 'Friend Zone', this post has nothing to do with placing complicated labels on the opposite sex. If any of you were like me growing up, everyone was a friend. When the girl across the table shared her cool erasers, Read More →

Marriage Isn’t for Everyone: Dealing with Singleness

There seems to be an unusual fascination with marriage and relationships amongst us young believers. It may seem like a ‘girly thing’ to focus on marriage, but don’t be surprised. The guys are having just as many conversations about marriage as the ladies. It’s a serious conversation to be had, Read More →

Should The Church Be Involved in Politics?

Two Sunday's ago, a very significant thing occurred at my church, Metropolitan Baptist Church in Newark, NJ. Newark mayor Cory Booker and former New York City Mayor David Dinkins both spoke during service, while Howard University (my alma mater)'s Gospel Choir led us in Worship. This was all a Read More →
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