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Flame “Moving Forward” Interview

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Flame calls in to talk about his new album Forward, a project he believes this is the most important album of his career

In our interview. We spoke with FLAME about:

John Givez and Where He’s Going Musically | Live @ JahRock’n S3E17 Pt3

DJ Wade-O asks where John Givez where he feels he is going musically and touch on how we go about engaging the culture with this music.

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John Givez Views on the CHH Community | Live @ JahRock’n S3E17 Pt2

DJ Wade-O gets John's take on Christian Hip-Hop and clears up any possible beef between him and JGivens and the similarities in their names.

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John Givez: Jail, Drugs, Gangs, & Jesus | Live @ JahRock’n S3E17 Pt1

In a new episode of Live @ JahRock'n DJ Wade-O asks John about his story, and how he came to know Jesus as his personal Savior.

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J Givens Talks Humble Beast, New Music, and Shares His Testimony w/ DJ Wade-O

DJ Wade-O chops it up with Humble Beast MC, J Givens. We get into how he found out that he's related to John Givez, how the deal with Humble Beast came about, upcoming music with the label, and in a true heart to heart moment, J Givens shares his desires Read More →

New Video: Social Club – “Bad Advice”

Artist: Social Club (Marty & Fern) Song: "Bad Advice" Album: US (iTunes | Amazon | Google Play) Album Release Date: March 24, 2015 Label: Independent Social Club released the latest music video off their new album US. "Bad Advice" is an innovative video featuring Marty, Fern, and Andy Mineo in pixelated video game form going through different Read More →

Today’s New Releases: May 5, 2015

For up to date information on past and future Christian Hip-Hop releases, check out our new Album Release Calendar. Our calendar is a comprehensive stop for CHH news with links to album reviews, interviews, and digital music outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, etc).

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Gemstones #BaltimoreUprising & “Blind Elephant” Full Interview (2015)

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DJ Wade-O chats with Gemstones about Baltimore's uprising and more!

In our interview. We spoke with Gemstones about:

  • The unrest in Baltimore
  • The new album
  • Systemic issues in urban societies
  • and MUCH more