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New Podcast!! #WadeO376 – Praying for the Hood w/ Sevin

The Hog Mob OG, Sevin calls in to discuss ministry, his relationship with Bizzle and his praying for the Hood campaign. Plus we blast off the 10 hottest joints out right now in Wade’s World Wide Top 10! And lots of new music!

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#WadeO375 – A Trip to OKC w/ Fedel and Sean C Johnson

Today, check in with two of Oklahoma’s finest with Fedel and Sean C. Johnson. Both have new projects and lots to chat about.

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#WadeO374 – US and Social Club

Fresh off the release of their new album 'US', which appeared on 7 different Billboard Charts, we sit down with Marty and Fern aka Social Club for an always entertaining conversation. Plus we blast off the 10 hottest joints out right now and lots of new music!

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#WadeO373 – April Going in Mix

Today, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as DJ Wade-O touches down on the 1s and 2s for 3 hours of non-stop Christian Rap, R&B, Reggae and Trap for the April Going in Mix.

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#WadeO372 – KB, Christian Rappers and Manny vs Floyd

KB of HGA and Reach Records joins us today to talk bout his new album, the Mayweather fight and why the Christian Rapper Debate won’t die.

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#WadeO370 – Behind the Scenes w/ D.Royul

Today we talk to Wade-O Radio Lead Producer D.Royul about his work on this show…and his new album. Yes…his new album. Plus, We've got the Top Christian hip hop songs out right now

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#WadeO369 – March Going in Mix [2015]

We count down the 10 hottest joints out right now, plus Wade-O's got all of your favorite Christian Rap for the March Going in Mix!

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Full Interview with Eshon Burgundy

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Eshon Burgundy calls in to talk about his new project "The Fear of God" released with Humble Beast.

In our interview. We spoke with Eshon about:

Album Review: Eshon Burgundy – The Fear of God

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O In April of 2013 Eshon Burgundy stunned the CHH community by announcing that he was signing with Humble Beast Records. That news had CHH buzzing because it was like two giants in Read More →

Today’s New Releases: March 3, 2015

For up to date information on past and future Christian Hip-Hop releases, check out our new Album Release Calendar. Our calendar is a comprehensive stop for CHH news with links to album reviews, interviews, and digital music outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, etc). 

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#WadeO368 – #NoFilter w/Json

On today's show, Lamp mode President JSon calls in to discuss his new album 'No Filter', Mike Brown and upcoming Lamp mode Releases. Plus, we blast off a brand new track from Reconcile!

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New Video: Eshon Burgundy – “Control Issues”

Artist: Eshon Burgundy Song: "Control Issues" Album: The Fear of God (iTunes | Amazon | Google Play) Album Release Date: March 3, 2015 Label: Humble Beast Records Humble Beast emcee Eshon Burgundy is back with another music video from his upcoming album The Fear of God. In the video, Eshon spits part of Read More →

#WadeO367 – Interviews w/ Yaves and Dee-1

On today's show we talk with Columbus, Ohio's own Yaves about his new EP "In Winter's Ear". Plus, we catch up with the Dee-1 and discuss his project "Three's Up"

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New Video: Eshon Burgundy – “Higher Learning” feat. Uncle Reece

Artist: Eshon Burgundy Featured Artist: Uncle Reece Song: "Higher Learning" Producer: Daniel Steele Album: The Fear of God (iTunes | Amazon | Google Play) Album Release Date: March 3, 2015 Label: Humble Beast Fresh off announcing the release date, tracklisting and cover art for The Fear of God Humble Beast Read More →

Eshon Burgundy Announces ‘The Fear of God’ Release Date, Tracklisting & Cover Art

PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT: PORTLAND, Oregon—February 18, 2015 Today, Humble Beast Records announces that pre-orders are now available for Eshon Burgundy's first full-length album under Humble Beast. Pre-order from iTunes and get a free download for "Higher Learning," the first single from The Fear of God now. You can also pre-order Read More →
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