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New Music: D Myles – “Plans”

Artist: D Myles Featured Artist: Jalen Searight Song: "Plans" Producer: D Myles Mixtape: Free At Last (hosted by DJ Wade-O) Mixtape Release Date: December 16, 2014 Song Description: Melodically, you will find an early 90's hip hop sound in the D Myles produced single, "Plans". It is based on the error of finding functional saviors instead of the Read More →

New Music: D Myles – “Quiet” feat. M.A.B.

Artist: D Myles Featured Artist: M.A.B. Song: "Quiet" Producer: D Myles Mixtape: Free At Last (hosted by DJ Wade-O) Mixtape Release Date: December 16, 2014 D Myles recently dropped the first single off his upcoming mixtape Free At Last. The mixtape will be hosted by our very own DJ Wade-O and is expected for release on December 16, 2014. Listen Read More →

Full Interview with NF

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We talk to NF about his self titled EP and all that comes with his rise to notoriety.

In our interview. We spoke with NF about:

New Music: Marz Ferrer – “Blur” feat. JGivens

Artist: Marz Ferrer  Featured Artist: JGivens Song: "Blur" Album: Blur EP Album Release Date: December 9, 2014 Label: Independent PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT: First single and title track off of Marz Ferrer's new EP, 'Blur'. Featuring Las Vegas based emcee JGivens. Humble Beast Records' rising talent delivers an explosively poetic verse that complements Marz's hauntingly Read More →

Christians in Hip Hop Response to Ferguson

The following is a guest post, written by Travis Harris, a long time Wade-O Radio supporter. Harris' bio information can be found at the bottom of this post. If you're interested in guest blogging, please contact our managing editor, Mikaela.

Social Justice and Social Media: Christians in Read More →

#WadeO342 – SPZRKT’s Bonfire & More from Ferguson

SPZRKT, noted for his awesome features among big names in CHH, chops it up about his new album "Bonfire". Plus, we get another update about Ferguson, Missouri from Pastor Michael McBride, who has been on the front lines of assisting those who are striving for change in that community. We Read More →

Album Review: Mali Music – ‘Mali Is’

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O 

Long time underground sensation Mali Music, has finally released his immensely anticipated sophomore album entitled Mali Is. Read More →

#WadeO331 – Gemstones and the Blood of Jesus

Former 1st and 15th member Gemstones joins us to discuss his next project and the violence that’s currently plaguing the city of the Chicago. Plus lots of new music.

Read More →

Lavoisier on Computers, Christian Rap, Donald Sterling and Releasing New Music

Lavoiser stopped by JahRock'n to discuss a myriad of topics with DJ Wade-O.

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4-Part Video Interview with ThaKidd Jopp + DJ Wade-O

ThaKidd Jopp recently stopped by JahRock'n to discuss his new album with DJ Wade-O.  The two discussed:
  • Jopp's testimony - How we went from selling dope to selling hope
  • His new album Barz and Worship
  • Growing up without his Dad and then reconciling with him
  • Why he wrote his letter to Lecrae
  • What really happened Read More →

#WadeO330: Dwayne Tryumf is Back!

We talk to Dwayne Tryumf about his new live album and relationship with Lecrae. Plus, we blast off the 10 hottest joints out and party during the Going in Mix and Mix of the Week.

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Album Review: V. Rose – Forever After

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O

In the history of our country, music styles can be defined by decades, like the 60's 70's etc, but since the early 1990's, the trends have begun changing every 5-6 Read More →

#WadeO329: Maya Angelou, Uncle Reece & New Music

This week, we remember the life and legacy of civil rights leader, activist, author, poet and all around phenomenal woman, Maya Angelou.

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#WadeO328: The Memorial Weekend Show feat. Cho’zyn Boy & V Rose

Tune in this week as we start the summer off right. DJ Cho’zyn Boy joins us for the Still Going in Mix while we talk to V Rose about her new album during the second hour.

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Transparent ‘One Way’ Turn Down for What Mash-Up by DJ Wade-O

Artist: Transparent Song: "One Way" Mashed With: Turn Down for What by DJ Snake and Lil John DJ Controller: Pioneer DDJ-SX For those who have been listening to Wade-O Radio for the past couple of months, you have likely heard this mash-up during one of my mixes. A couple of weeks ago, we decided Read More →
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