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#WadeO357 – #AllLivesMatterMix + Ruslan Interview

On today's show, Ruslan drops by to talk about the Dream Junkies and their ministry focus. Also, we've got an #AllLivesMatter mix during the Mix of The Week

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New Music: Alex Faith & Dre Murray – “Decatur Street Blues” feat. Corey Paul

Artist: Alex Faith & Dre Murray Featured Artist: Corey Paul Song: "Decatur Street Blues" Album: Southern Lights EP Album Release Date: 2015 Label: Collision Records PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT: After the Southern Lights' nationwide tour, Alex Faith and Dre Murray are back with more music. Set to release in 2015, the Southern Lights EP is sure to kick off an Read More →

#WadeO356 – The Eric Garner Decision & Jor’dan Armstrong Interview

On today's show, we discuss the Eric Garner case, and how we need to view it as the body of Christ. Also, we talk to singer Jor'dan Armstrong about his new song "You Should Know"

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#WadeO355 – November Going in Mix

Its The November Mix Show and DJ Wade-O is mixing for 2 hours today! Also, we've got a new joint from Franky Bells and K-Drama

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Album Review: Stephen The Levite – Can I Be Honest?

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O

In music, much like every other profession, balance is important. Artists have to balance a lot, especially when creating their art. Of the many things they balance, one of the more Read More →

#WadeO353 – The Stephen the Levite/ Japhia Life Episode

We talk with CHH veteran Stephen The Levite about his new album "Can I Be Honest". Also. we catch Japhia Life to talk about his new album "The Profit". Plus, we've still got the top 10 hottest joints out right now!

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#WadeO352 – The NF Episode

We talk to newcomer NF about his debut project, and what its like being a minority in CHH. Also. we've got a heater from Jor'dan Armstrong. Plus, we've still got the top 10 hottest joints out right now!

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#WadeO351 – The Jackie Hill/ Devin Turner Episode

P4CM poet/Humble beast recording artist Jackie Hill Perry stops by to talk about her debut album "Art of Joy". Also, talk to new artist Devin Turner about his new album "Now Or Never" and ministry life. Plus, we've still got the top 10 hottest joints out right now!

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Family Ties: 23 Christian Rappers You Maybe Didn’t Know Were Related

If you’ve listened to the Wade-O Radio Show for any length of time you’re probably aware that the Christian hip hop scene is a tight-knit community. Some might even call it a family. But did you know that several of its members are actually connected by more than the blood of Read More →

#WadeO350 – Trip Lee Rises, Christians and Halloween

We talk to Trip Lee about his highly anticipated return to the genre with his new album Rise. Also, we discuss whether Christians should celebrate Halloween or not, plus the top 10 hottest joints out right now.

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Free Download – Natalie Lauren – ‘Cliff Notes EP’

Singer-Songwriter-Rapper Natalie Lauren has been steadily working to release her latest project, her songwriters EP Cliff Notes: Songs when exploring love. Lauren describes the project as "a story of pain, fear, trust, marriage and all that comes with love. It's fact and fiction." Lauren continues to describe the project Read More →

New Music: Middle Clash – “Soul Glow”

Artist: Middle Clash (Wes Pendleton & Taelor Gray) Song: "Soul Glow" Album: Middle Clash EP It's Wednesday, which means our friends at Sphere of Hip Hop dropped a new Middle Clash track this morning. Today's track "Soul Glow" becomes the 5th song released by the newly formed duo, all of Read More →

#WadeO349 – Interview with Canon & More from Ferguson

RMG member Canon stops by to talk about his new project Loose Canon volume 2. Also, we talk to Pastor Michael McBride about the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. And we've still got the top 10 hottest joints out right now!

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Free Download: Swoope – “Because You Asked” EP

Collision Records artist Swoope recently released a new EP for free download with a few tracks that didn't make his last album Sinema. If you saw Swoope in concert over the past year you likely heard "Jesus is God" or "Word to my Peoples," two of the most anticipated songs on Read More →

#WadeO348 – October Going in Mix

Its Columbus Day weekend, so DJ Wade-O is on the turntables for the 1st and 3rd hour of the show. Also, we've got a new music from Trip Lee, Jackie Hill, Swoope, and Canon. Plus, we've still got the top 10 hottest joints out right now!

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