Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018
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Support Skrip’s Church Goal and Planting Mission


Along with being an artist on Infiltrate Music, Adriel “Skrip” Cruz is also the lead pastor of World Renegade Church in Chicago, Illinois. World Renegade is a small, young church that was established in 2012. Though it is young, World Renegade has impacted the city of Chicago in such a major way that Skrip and his team are prayerfully stepping out on faith to expand and plant more churches like their own.

World Renegade has started the Rise and Build Initiative and hopes to raise enough support to expand and build a firm foundation to plant more churches like the model they already have implemented.


“Join us on our mission to reach our community, city and the world. Would you prayerfully consider signing up to be a reoccurring giver to enable us to focus on what matters most?”

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