Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019
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Thank you for your interest in submitting music to the Wade-O Radio Show. Below please find instructions that have been compiled to put is in a better position to serve you. We believe that these items will be beneficial to you as you submit music to our show as well as to other radio stations/shows.

Our submission form is split into 4 sections: Music & Video Information, Artist Information & Links, Music & Video Links, and Attachments. Please fill out each section completely and submit to

Music & Video Information:

Please provide the following information relevant to the song or video being submitted for our website. Providing our team with ALL of the information will greatly increase the likelihood that we post your music. Feel free to copy & paste this form with your information submitted in the relevant spots.

If the song or video is not tied to an existing or upcoming album, leave the album sections blank and explain why you are releasing the song or video.

  • Artist(s): Name
  • Featured Artist(s): Name
  • Song: “Song Title”
  • Producer: Name
  • Album: Album Title
  • Album Release Date: March X, 2015
  • Label: Label name

Artist Information & Links:

Bio: 2-6 sentences that will enable us to introduce your music to our website audience. Tell us where you are from, why you are doing music, and any artists and/or labels that you are affiliated with.

Please provide the following links for any artists, producers, directors, and labels affiliated with the song or video:

Music & Video Links:

Please provide the following links that go DIRECTLY to the song and/or video being submitted. Do not simply provide the link to your artist/label account.


Please provide AT LEAST one of the following 3 photo attachment options. Any photos submitted should be at least 800×800.

  • Song Cover:
  • Album Cover:
  • Press Photo:
  • Mp3 file: Only needed if you wish to have your song uploaded to the Wade-O Radio Soundcloud account instead of linking to your artist or label account.

Your cooperation with this set of guidelines is greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much.

Team Wade-O