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Street Hymns perseveres through tough crowd in BullPen Battle League Match-Up

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In what seemed to be his toughest battle yet, Texas artist and Christian Battle rapper Street Hymns went up against North Carolina battle rapper Riggz, in the BullPen Battle League. The event, “Genisys,” took place in October in Atlanta, and Street Hymns found himself on a card with some of URL’s top battlers, like Charlie Clips and Jon Jon Da Don.

Street Hymns has gained popularity due to his battles against opponents in his home league, the DFW Battle League. Many of whom are more receptive to his #nerdbars and content. The Atlanta-based crowd were not as receptive to his bars, and declared an easy 3-0 before Hymns could even open his mouth. While Riggz dropped some haymakers and held nothing back coming into the battle.

Watch the video below to decide who you think won.

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion is advised. Explicit content. Battle begins at 1:40. Street Hymns’ round begins at 6:27.

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