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South Florida duo Surf Gvng no longer signed to Xist Music


On Monday, Feb. 6, Miami-based duo Surf Gvng announced on their social media accounts that they are no longer with Xist Music or Malaco Records, and will return to being independent artists.

The announcement comes nine months after Surf Gvng released Initixtion, their debut project under the Xist Music brand. The duo signed to Xist Music in March 2016.

“We’re independent like we were before. The grind don’t stop,” the duo announced in the video. They also encouraged fans to be on the look out for more music, videos and shows.

In 2015 the group emerged unto the CHH scene with their self-titled project and in 2015 they released their EP Surf Gvng on Er’thang.

No statement has been released from Xist Music.

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