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Social Media: Are you living like Harvey Dent?

Social Media. Everyone has an account. Everyone shares their thoughts and opinions. From recipes for dessert to presidential candidates to religion to relationships, everyone has something to say about everything.

Daily, many of us update our Facebook statuses, post tweets, share our lives in Instagram pictures, blog our innermost thoughts, and share videos on YouTube. Often some of the very things that we see posted are just that, posts. Unfortunately, sometimes these posts cannot be further from the truth.
We can easily find ourselves posting and relaying information that we don’t even find truth in, much less live. This generation of young adults are smart, ambitious, and passionate. It’s very hard to believe that such things as lifestyle and statuses  portraying that same life do not line up. But it happens.

There’s only one way to put it:

You are a hypocrite.

It’s ok. Take a moment. Digest that. When you act or live in contradiction to your stated beliefs or feelings, you are a hypocrite. Don’t think for a moment you are the only one.

You can however choose to live another way. You do not have to continue to live a life you do not believe.

Heads or Tails? Real or fake? You have to choose. You can’t flip a coin like Batman’s Harvey Dent to decide who you’re going to be online and who you’re going to be in real life.

But how?

1. Be honest.

This is the first step to ending a hypocritical lifestyle. There is no need to live a lie. Just be honest with God, yourself, and your accountability partners. For example, only you know if you are just posting pics of your Bible and a notepad because that’s what people in your circle are doing. If you need to have a better devotional time, just say that. You’re actions will reflect that anyway. People will appreciate your honesty. God does.

2. Be transparent.

This takes courage. For example, I can only imagine what it took for DJ Wade-O to document his struggle with pornography, but look at the results. It not only helped him, but also those who share in his experience. Your testimony and journey as a believer shows others that it won’t always be easy, you will mess up, and nothing can separate you from God’s love. Don’t be afraid to share it.

3. Be you.

There is no reason to want to be someone else. You may follow your favorite rapper or pastor and want to talk about God the way they do. Then build a relationship with God like they did! That simple. Of course, your relationship with God is not going to be the same as theirs, but you will now have one you can genuinely and honestly tell the world about. Whether you know it or not, people can tell when you’re faking it. A real love and desire for Christ is better than just a status update any day.

Don’t be Christian for social media but live like an unbeliever.

It will be very unfortunate for some of the people you see post the scriptures every day and always check-in at church, hear Jesus say, “Depart from me, I never knew you.”

Don’t post about a life you aren’t living. AND, don’t live a life you wouldn’t want to post about. This includes social etiquette such as liking inappropriate statuses, retweeting things that are contrary to God and liking inappropriate pictures on Instagram.

At the end of the day, real recognizes real. Believers know other believers by the fruit they bear. And if you’re bearing apples in real life, and bearing oranges online, something just isn’t right. Don’t be ‘two-faced.’ Your fruit should be seen everywhere. Not just in a status post but in your lifestyle. Challenge yourself not to post for your friends or to prove something to someone, but to really grow in intimacy with Christ.

Do you live the life you post about?

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