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Social Club May Be Signing a Record Deal With a Major Label

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The Misfits may be finally fitting in.

In a passionate interview on The Wade-O Radio Show Podcast scheduled to air this weekend, Marty of Social Club stated that he and Fern are on the verge of potentially signing a major record deal.

“We might actually be signing to a record label [and] getting a major label behind us for our next album,” Marty told DJ Wade-O. “We’ve been in talks with about six labels total.”

This next Social Club album, would of course follow Marty’s debut retail project, Marty for President, which is due out September 11th as well as FERN’s EP, which is slated to drop later this year.

The Miami duo have done well without a label. Their Misfits 2 EP debuted at #3 on the Billboard Gospel Chart and #10 on the Hip Hip Charts. Their recent project, US, debuted at  #3 on Christian Albums, #9 on Rap Albums, #11 on Independent Albums and #103 on the Billboard 200, according to Rapzilla.com.

Marty doesn’t want fans of the duo to think they are about to switch things up because they may potentially have a larger platform.

“I love being independent. It’s amazing, because I can do anything I want,” he explained. “At the same time, we’ve been offered five contracts so far and the labels have basically been like, you can do whatever you want, we just want to amplify the movement.”

Marty also specified that the crew will maintain its creative freedom even though they could now have a larger platform to promote and market their music from.

“It’s really crazy because we haven’t had to compromise in our music ever and even if we do sign to a label, we will not compromise,” he proudly stated.

In the 30-minute interview, Marty also mentioned that he and FERN have had to criss cross the country to meet with each label in places like New York, Nashville and Texas. In addition, he also discussed the sound and direction of his EP, Marty for President, his goals outside of music and whether or not he’d consider a real presidential run.

Look for Marty’s Full Interview with DJ Wade-O to drop here on WadeORadio.com this Friday.

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