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So You Mad?

Sometimes you just get mad. Can’t deny, can’t front. It happens. Things transpire that really don make you upset. And if you didn’t know, that’s normal. It’s fine for someone to read your face and see…’So you Mad?’

You can be tired after a long day of work, and the shortest line of traffic upsets you. You can be upset because of something a family member does and when you see that person, your world is flipped upside down.

It’s ok to be angry, mad, upset, all of the above. It’s not a sin to get mad. Take off your deep thinking hat and be human for a second. There will be days that you get upset.

How you deal with anger is what matters.

But as with everything, most of us don’t know when and where to stop. Sad, but true. We get angry, try to talk it through, then we decide to act on it. At that moment is when things go awry.

It’s not that venting is bad, or even trying to do something to take your mind off of the reason you’re angry. The Bible says in James 1:20 that in our anger, we do not produce God’s righteousness. Those actions that are out of anger are not reflective of the character of God.

There are many consequences of anger that can be avoided when the problem is dealt with properly.

Look for the source

What is it that makes you upset? Why is it when you see a certain person your day is over? Are you dwelling on an old event? Search your heart to find out why your reactions are what they are. All anger isn’t bad. Jesus had a righteous anger. God gets angry because of our sin. What makes you angry? Have you ever wondered why you were so angry at times? Take a moment to evaluate the why instead of directing that anger at something or someone. Heart check first.

Look around you

When you are angry, you lack self-control. You have a tendency to say very hurtful things and do things that are out of character. Ok, let’s keep it real. For some of us, when we get angry, that’s the only time we cuss, raise our voices, and fight. But why? Proverbs says an angry person stirs up conflict and commits many sins. No one wants to be around that person. Proverbs 29:11 calls those that allows their anger to control them a fool. Acting in such a rage will have a negative effect on those around you. You will end up by yourself with no friends and family because of your anger. Don’t be that person.

Live to fulfill your purpose

When anger is dealt with improperly, often it turns to bitterness. Your life can be turned upside down when anger is allowed to fester. You begin to see people, relationships, and situations through a tainted lens. By not having a proper perspective, you will struggle to reach your purpose all because of anger. When the root of the anger is found, more often than not, hurt is the cause. God did not predestine you to walk around hurt, angry, bitter, and unhappy. God has so much more in store for your life. You have to refuse to settle in your emotions. Know that your purpose is more important than your anger. Do not let your anger ruin your life.

Newton’s 3rd law of motion says ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ Think about that before you act out of anger next time. Your actions not only affect you but those around you. Many people have lost jobs, marriages, friends, and other valuable relationships because of the lack of self control.

My version of James 1:19 is ‘Pump your brakes!’

Just stop for a moment to think before you act or speak.

Use that anger to focus it to do something better. In Chicago , the residents had to get angry in order to stop the violence in their neighborhoods. You may have to get angry with yourself in order to stop sin. Don’t just get angry, but do something about the root of the problem.

Remember it’s ok to be mad but you don’t have to ‘tell’em or show’em why you mad.’


What are some moments where you acted out of anger that you reaped the consequences?

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