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Sir J set to host The Summer’s Cypher 2017 in OKC ft. Dre Murray, Dillon Chase, Sean C. Johnson, Jarry Manna & Parris Chariz


Dallas DJ Sir J is set to host his third cypher, and this time he will be hosting Oklahoma emcees.

Sir J’s previous cyphers include The Summer’s Cypher 2016 featuring Street Hymns, Princeton Marcellis, ShySpeaks, Adrion Butler, and Steve O. And The Winter’s Cypher 2016 featuring Corey Paul, Von Won, Tony Ri’Chard and Joshua Dillard.

The Summer’s Cypher 2017 is set to occur Saturday, May 27 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and for Sir J, this one is extremely special to him.

For starters, this marks the one-year anniversary of me putting these together. It’s my first cypher in another state. It’s the first Summer’s Cyphers since the one I did in Dallas, which I’m admittedly biased to,” Sir J told

The emcees slated to be featured in the OKC Cypher include veteran artists Dre Murray, Dillon Chase and singer Sean C. Johnson, along with up-and-comers Parris Chariz and Jarry Manna

Another reason why Sir J is excited for this specific cypher is because for him, he’d be breaking a few barriers.

“This is the first cypher where I will feature a singer. This is the first cypher I will have a white guy rap on. I feel like this joint just breaks a few barriers. One of the coolest things is that this is the first cypher I will do with artists that I grew up listening to.”

Those two artists that Sir J grew up listening to are Dre Murray and Dillon Chase. Two emcees who have made a name for themselves within the CHH scene.

“I trip out thinking about jammin “my lane” off of Dre’s “Manumit” album or watching Dillon rock out at Neotropolis in Carrollton, TX when I was like 14. It’s crazy to think that I am actually collaborating on something with these guys. What’s also special is I’m getting to work with legit homies of mine. Sean’s been cool for a smooth minute, like I’ve slept on homie’s couch after a show. Kadence has been mega helpful, although he won’t be able to be on the cypher this year,” Sir J said. 

He is also keen on spotlighting up-and-coming talent. For the Cypher, he knew that Jarry Manna and Parris Chariz were just the up-and-coming talent he was looking for.

“It’s also real cool to see young talent like Jarry and Parris. I don’t think we’ve had any body with their style just yet. I’m really excited for myself and others to see what they do with a beat like “Roc the Mic,”” he added. 

When it comes to the choice of instrumental for the emcees to rap over, Sir J says that he chose the Beanie Sigel “Roc the Mic” beat for a few reasons. “One, it’s another classic. Two, it’s not another New York beat like my first two. Three, it’s one of those beats that really only hip-hop heads will know immediately, but it’s so dope that those who don’t will wanna go look it up to educate themselves.”

In addition to the cypher, Sir J, along with his production crew, Cameron Rhodes, Gabriel Moore of Stories by Design, and Mayson Minor of Glory Media Productionswill do a documentary in the city which highlights what’s going on in Oklahoma, and what God is doing through certain ministries and businesses. 

“As usual the goal is to “put on” for everybody, the artists, the photographer, the filmmakers, the Christian owned businesses, the youth ministries, the afterschool program’s, anything that’s an impact in the community around it. I also want to give the audience a little bit more about the behind-the-scenes and what goes into producing these projects.”

Sir J wants to continue to add to his cyphers by traveling to other cities and highlighting other local Christian emcees. He currently has two cities in mind for The Winter’s Cypher 2017 and even possibly an Autumn’s Cypher 2017. No confirmed word on which artists will be featured on each cypher, but whoever Sir J does include, it’s sure to be artists, who are glorifying God with their talents and impacting their communities.

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