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Sho Baraka Interview: Reach Records, Twitter Hate and Hello Revolution

Since Sho Baraka departed from Reach Records a little over a year ago, he has turned into one of the most misunderstood figures in the Christian Hip Hop Scene.

Many have questioned, Sho’s motives, nitpicked his music and even chastised him for leaving the Reach Records Empire. Still, Sho has persevered the criticism and help churn out some of the most critically acclaimed music our genre has seen via the High Society Collective and his new group Hello Revolution.

Full Interview w/ Sho Baraka (mp3): Download Here

Last Thursday, I had a chance to sit down with Sho and discuss a myriad of topics. The following are a sampling of the questions I asked him:

• Did you expect the response you got from the High Society Project?

• Will there be another High Society Project?

• Share with us some of what you’ve been doing on the Missions front?

• Your next album, what will it be called and will it be released under the High Society “Record Label” or Banner?

• For years and years its seemed that it has been “frowned on” to not be labeled a Christian Rapper or to do music with the intent of reaching the secular audience. Now it seems more and more accepted. Do you think that the High Society movement helped paved the way for some of what Lecrae is doing?

• Do you ever think “Maybe had I stayed at Reach, I’d have been able to do much of what I’m doing now, with all of the infrastructure and support that they may have?”

• What can we expect from your new mixtape, The Feature Hosted by DJ P-Dogg?

• What film projects are your working on?

I hope you enjoy our discussion.

For more information on Sho Baraka, you can follow him on Twitter: @amishobaraka, log-on to his website:, or download his new mixtape, The Feature.



  • Do You think Sho Baraka should have stayed with Reach Records? Why or Why Not?
  • Please share a situation in which you  felt so strongly about something that you were willing to leave what is comfortable and known to pursue it.
  • Would You Like to See Another High Society Project?
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