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shai linne’s 10 Things You Should Know About ‘LT2’


shai linne made a rare appearance on Twitter today to share 10 things we should know about his upcoming album Lyrical Theology 2: Doxology. The album is expected to be different than a typical rap album, geared towards worship music useful in an urban context.

The album is expected for release next week on May 20th, and was produced by Wes Pendleton.

Pre-Order Lyrical Theology 2: Doxology today on iTunes (digital) or the Lampmode Storefront (digital + physical).

Check out shai’s tweets below, as well as the official tracklisting:

Lyrical Theology 2: Doxology Tracklisting:

1. Doxology Intro
2. Worship God Feat. Wes Pendleton & Phanatik
3. Be Glorified (Psalm 55) W/ Chris Lee Cobins
4. Nothing But the Blood Feat. Eric Mcallister
5. You alone are God w/ Chris Lee Cobbins
6. Our Treasure Interlude W/ Leah Smith
7. C.H.R.I.S.T.
8. Come, Lord Jesus, Come Feat. Joint Heirs
9. Our Treasure is Christ w/ Leah Smith
10. Dedication (Remix)
11. To The Praise Of His Grace W/ Leah Smith
12. Light And Heat W/ Blair Linne
13. Psalm 37 (Remix)
14. Doxology Outro W/ Brooks Ritter

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