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Selfish…Just Like Jesus? Pt. 2

Selfishness is natural. But that doesn’t make it okay. Selfishness says ‘I don’t want you to have what I have because I don’t want you to get where I’ve gotten. This is my place.’ Unfortunately, that’s how many of us are living with our salvation.

When we are selfish with the gospel, we are saying ‘I’m saved and at a place in God that I’ve worked hard to be. Find your own way.’ Of course as a Christian, we would never SAY that, but it is clearly seen through our actions.

If we want others to see Jesus, we have to stop hiding Him!

It’s as simple as that. We have to be willing to show people Jesus in order to lead them to Him. If you were hungry, but I decided to cook a meal, enjoy it, and talk about it in your face, how rude would I be. But we do that with Jesus all the time.

In the last article, I shared 3 ways I had been selfish with the gospel. If you thought for a second that I only had 3 things I had to change, you are definitely mistaken!

Again, I can’t speak for anyone’s heart but my own. (Our hearts are wicked. Never underestimate that!) I know for certain that there were more than those 3 things in the last article that I had to work on before I could effectively share Christ.

Having said that, there are 3 more things that had to be addressed in order for me to best share Jesus.

1. Don’t be jealous.
Believe it or not, a lot of the ‘saints’ are jealous. I used to be one of the hating saints. I found myself saying often ‘I could’ve done that better.’ While I was busy criticizing my brother or sister, I was missing opportunities to share the gospel. When you are worried about what others are doing, the Bible calls that demonic. This is one of the craziest things within the Body. When we are jealous of another person’s assignment, we are saying ‘I don’t want the hand to do what the hand does, because as the ear, I can do it better.’ We are 1 body with different parts (Romans 12:4-5). I had to totally grasp my assignment and focus on it in order to not hinder someone else’s. Which leads us to the 2nd thing.

2. Do you.
It’s easy to focus on someone else’s shortcomings when you aren’t doing what you are supposed to. Your gift will need your full attention. You have to find what that gift is and cultivate it. Again, I can’t speak for anyone but myself. I saw someone singing, praying, preaching, every time I went to church. Surely, I have been called to do one of those because there just isn’t anything else to do as a Christian…that is such a lie! We can’t just continue to do what we’ve seen others do. We have to find our individual purposes and gifts and use them. Why do what everyone else is doing? 1 Cor. 12:29 says “If [the body parts] were all one part, where would the body be?” You are different because you have a different purpose. Just do you!

3. Different isn’t bad.
Yes, I said it. Different isn’t bad. One thing that kept me from sharing Jesus was because I wasn’t doing it like I saw someone else do it. I didn’t have a cool story to begin with. I thought I had to have so much swag. I wasn’t as eloquent as someone else. If I didn’t present the gospel like someone else, I had to be doing it wrong. I wasn’t jealous, but I hadn’t fully decided to do me. I felt that different was bad. Believe it or not, your ability to stick out and be honest about it helps your witness. The person you are sharing Christ with may be afraid to be themselves as well. Because you chose to embrace who you were in Christ, you could empower them to do the same. We focus so much on not fitting into the world, that we begin to fit into a ‘church mold.’ Be different. An unbeliever needs to see that you can be you in Him. God chose you knowing you weren’t like the rest. Embrace that.

We have an eternal Gift, but instead of sharing It, we keep It. In no way does this reflect Christ. Jesus gave all that He had.

He’s not even asking us to die for anyone. He wants us to just tell them how He died.

By being selfish, I was expressing that I was greater than the cause of Christ. Whether it was fear or jealousy, as a Christian, I had a mandate to share Christ.

In the end, it’s not about you or me. It’s all about Jesus. When the focus is off of Him, don’t be surprise when things begin to fail.

We have to make up in our minds that we will not hoard our talents, time, and treasures for ourselves. The goal of our lives should be to make sure people get to Jesus and not just watch us enjoy Him. I say this in love fam, stop being selfish!


Am I the only one that has to deal with any of these problems?

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