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Album Review: S.O. “So It Continues”


Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

The Model of Consistency

One of the most sought after qualities for anybody, especially an artist, is consistency. Most people seek to find it, but it is a hard thing to find. It’s even harder in hip-hop because things change so often. Fans taste change, artists taste change (or they want to try something “new”), trends change, any one of those makes it very difficult to find consistency as a rapper.

However hard it is to obtain consistency in hip-hop, it seems as equally as difficult to define. Consistency in a rapper can be seen in many different ways. For me, it starts with the level of art the artist puts out. Then it gets into consistency in flow and delivery. A lot of an artists consistency comes from maturity. With maturity you usually see a more polished rapper that is confident in their sound.

There is one artist that has been able to capture this much sought after quality, and he showed it off on his most recent release “So it Continues.” That artist is S.O.

Beginning With Consistency

S.O. doesn’t have a long resume, but it is a full one. He has put out a couple of stellar projects and dozens of great features. Each time S.O. has appeared on a track (whether it was his own or a feature) he was a model of consistency. You knew exactly what your getting from him. Which is great, especially on features, because no matter how the song turned out you know his verse was going to be good.

He first burst onto the scene with his project “The 5 Solas Mixtape” where he showed the ability to hold the audience with his captivating flow. With each track it seemed tougher and tougher to turn him off. By the end of the record S.O. showed you his whole repertoire, which consists of incredible lyricism and a silky smooth delivery. This project was his introduction to CHH and he left quite the impression.

After his introduction Lampmode records quickly snatched up the UK MC. Shortly after the signing, S.O. dropped the free album “So it Begins.” This was an excellent record. He brought all of the great things from the first record and added some new things like transparency and vulnerability, that just made the record amazing. “So it Begins” was another record that from track to track banged.

S.O.’s career is off to an incredible start. It all comes back to his consistency. He is an amazing MC that time and time again gives his listeners great music. He doesn’t seem to make bad songs, that is a quality that is hard to find.

Continued Consistency

After two great projects S.O. comes with his third project “So it Continues.” The expectation for this record is pretty simple but weighty at the same time, and it’s for more of the same. This is not an easy expectation to meet, because being consistent is not easy. A few breaks in that consistency and you are no longer consistent. That was not a problem for S.O. though. He meet this expectation with the same level of excellence that he usually brings and presented us with a great album.

To be a part of Lampmode it seems like you have to be a lyricist, because the roster is full of them. S.O. definitely fits that bill. He is a lyricist through and through. He has consistently brought excellent lyricism to every song he’s touched. “So it Continues” is no different. He brings his lyrical “A” game on each track. His wordplay and intelligence allowed him to address some personal topics effortlessly. He takes the listener on a lyrical ride through his life, and connects with the listener in a very personal way.

“So it Continues” is a smooth ride, because the quality of the album was very good. It is a complete album. Each track is worth listening to. What was impressive to me was that each song seemed to be really cared for. From the open second to the closing second, S.O. brought excellence. That made for a very enjoyable experience.

An enjoyable experience can’t be that enjoyable if you don’t want to experience it again. “So it Continues” is an experience that you will want to have again. The playback value was consistently high on this record, as it has been through his career. Songs like “Lamentations” featuring Leah Smith, “Radical” featuring Lecrae and J. Williams, and “Walk in the Son II” will have you hitting the rewind button immediately. Those were not the only memorable moments though. That’s what makes this album great. As a whole, this record is something that you will be listening to for awhile.

The term “Lyrical Theology” was coined by the Lampmode camp, so you  know what you’re getting when a Lampmode MC blesses the mic. S.O. continues that trend with this record. “Lyrical Theology” was in S.O.’s DNA before he was a part of Lampmode. He has consistently given the listener theology heavy rhymes. S.O. feeds the mind and the spirit with his rhymes. “So it Continues” is a perfect example of that. The song “I AM” featuring labelmate shai linne has the two spitting bars solely about the great I AM. The “Lyrical Theology” doesn’t stop there though. You will find biblical truths throughout this album very easily. “So it Continues” will touch the spirit not just the ear.

Unappreciated Consistency

As sought after of a quality that consistency is, it seems like this a quality that usually gets forgotten about. Consistency isn’t usually a quality that takes forefront, so it usually goes unnoticed or unappreciated. That is where S.O. has fallen. He’s acknowledged as a talented MC, but I feel like because he’s so consistent he often times gets forgotten. “So it Continues” is another feather in his consistency cap, but my hope is that it pushes him past just a talented MC and into the great MC category. That is where he rightfully belongs.

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