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S.O. on the CHH “Divide”, Living in the States, and New Music


Not too long ago, DJ Wade-O sat down with former UK based hip-hop artist S.O., who has since gotten married and moved to the US. Wade-O also asks S.O.’s opinion on the “Methodology Divide” that has come to the surface in the CHH community, his recent marriage, and music he has coming up.

[1:49] Life Music Vibes
[3:02] Is An Album Coming?
[4:52] Him Embracing the Streaming Culture
[6:45] His Take on The “CHH Divide”
[14:21] We’re The Same Team
[16:22] Shai Linne Interview Facts
[18:42] Possible Solution
[20:10] Conclusions From the “Divide”
[21:03] “Are You Enjoying the US?”
[22:04] Understanding extreme Trump Supporters
[24:30] Adjusting to US laws/culture

Artist Info:
Twitter/IG: @sothekid |

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DJ Wade-O is a New Jersey-based DJ, Radio Host/Producer and blogger who loves Jesus.  He's married and has 3 kids. He also has a tendency to binge watch TV Series via Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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