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S.O. Announces new EP ‘These Things Take Time’

S.O. - Black and White - @SoTheKid

Lamp Mode artist S.O. is releasing a six-song EP entitled These Things Take Time on November 11, 2016.

Just over a year since his highly-acclaimed So It Ends album – which  charted well in the US and UK  – S.O. thought an EP would be the perfect transition after completing the So It Ends, So It Continues, So it Ends series of albums.

“I thought it would be good to give the fans something,” S.O. said. “When you make a trilogy, it’s fine-tuned.  These Things Take Time was a way for me to give the fans new music as I begin to work on my next project.”

The EP’s artwork – a picture of S.O. covered in clay – suggests the lengthy process of a potter molding clay. More than just the name of an EP, These Things Take Time accurately describes this current season of life for Lamp Mode’s first international artist.

“That’s not an effect. That’s really is me covered in clay, showing that everything takes time,” S.O. said. “I’m thinking about everything in my life – sanctification, my relationship with my fiancé, everything – not even in a negative way, they take time. There’s a time that passes. Everything that’s worth having isn’t easy.”

S.O. started to formulate the project when his producer GP sent him a random beat, which ended up being the track for the song Fall.  He started writing to the beat immediately, and the idea for the six-song project was birthed out it. The EP displays S.O.’s versatility as an artist.

“I wasn’t confined to a certain sound or a certain space,” S.O. said. “I could play with different sounds and ideas. It wasn’t strenuous. I was able to have more fun, not that it wasn’t have fun making albums.”

S.O. once again collabs with J. Williams (All I Got) on the project, and These Things Take Time contains features with Canon (New Wave) and Christon Gray (You Already Know).

“I always wanted to work with both of those artists,” S.O. said. “I think it’s good for me since moving to America to work with artists I haven’t worked with in the past, to give new and exciting features.”

Pre-orders for These Things Take Time begin October 17 everywhere online music is sold. S.O.’s latest single NEW WAVE featuring Canon is available for streaming on Spotify, Youtube, and Tidal, and is also available for instant download when you pre-order the EP on Itunes.

S.O. - These Things Take Time Album Cover

S.O. – ‘These Things Take Time’ Tracklisting:

  1. All I Got feat. J. Williams
  2. New Wave feat. Canon
  3. I See You
  4. You Already Know feat. Christon Gray
  5. Fall
  6. Parker’s Verse
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