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Ruslan on the Evolution of the Music Business and the Future of Dream Junkies


During his 10 years in the music industry, Ruslan has never followed trends. He’s always made music he was passionate about and built several brands in the process. Tune in as the Kings Dream Entertainment Funder and CEO discusses his journey in the music business, what it takes to succeed and the future of his label with the departures of John Givez and Beleaf.

(Please Note: We recorded this before Random Thoughts 3 & 4 dropped, hence why there is no convo on that topic)


00:45 – Wade-O cracking 500 Episodes of The Podcast
02:08 – Ruslan’s love for New York
02:47 – Violator Management showing interests in theBreax
03:28 – What it takes for an artist to “cut-through” in today’s market
05:20 – Why certain CHH Artists aren’t selling as many records
07:45 – The success of Bizzle’s Truth Music Tour
09:00 – Changes in the music industry
09:45 – Ruslan’s Evolution as an artist
11:30 – The Importance of focused intensity
13:32 – Foggie Raw’s trajectory
14:13 – The era of the gatekeeper is over
16:45 – Why some people missed it with Aha Gazelle
18:20 – How the Christian Music industry Provides false perception
20:45 – The departures of John Givez and Beleaf from Kings Dreams Entertainment
22:35 – The Dream Junkies is not a rap group
23:40 – Ruslan’s Desire to help indie Creatives
28:18 – What’s next for Ruslan
29:00 – Is Ruslan more of a Creative or an Entrepreneur

Artist Info:
Twitter/IG: @RuslanKD |

Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O
Footage Shot by Daniel at Noble Creatives
Video Edited by Daniel at Noble Creatives
Audio Edited by Daniel at Noble Creatives
Intro and Creative Direction by JBTZ XCLSV

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