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Richie Righteous ‘Proverbs 31 Girl’ feat. Richboy Trav & Rayon Brandt (Official Music Video)

Richie Righteous released a brand new video for “Proverbs 31 Girl” featuring Rich Boy Trav and Rayon Brandt.  The track is from the upcoming R.I.C.H. Records compilation Team R.I.C.H. Vol. 1.  The video was shot in Queens, N.Y. at various locations.

Rich said he made the song because he wanted to celebrate biblical marriage. “In a world that is constantly trying to redefine what it is, and wanting to change the definition from opposite sex to include now same sex, I want the world to know that Marriage was created by God and any other definition, other than His, is wrong,” Richie told Wade-O Radio.

Richie Righteous, who is also a Pastor, seemed to be bothered by the high divorce rate among professing Christians.  “I feel it is necessary also for people to see that God is able to keep marriages.  A lot of Christians have been divorcing, and that seems to not be a thing we talk about anymore. From pastors to musicians to regular church goers,” he proclaimed. “I wanted to celebrate Marriage.” The R.I.C.H. team certainly achieves that goal.

Team R.I.C.H. Vol. 1 is due out May 7, 2013.

Song: Proverbs 31 Girl
Artist: Richie Righteous featuring Rich Boy Trav and Rayon Brandt
Album: Team R.I.C.H. Vol. 1
Record Label: R.I.C.H. Records
Director: Richard Ishmael

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