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Reaching the Inner City through Jesus – Frontline Movement


Frontline Movement is not a group, but it is a Record Label and Inner City Ministry. They are on mission to impact and reach the inner city for Jesus Christ.

Since 2010, Frontline Movement has partnered with Juvenile Detention Centers and have been discipling men and women in the inner city. They are being the hands and feet of Jesus to those who don’t know about Him. Frontline is geared towards engaging the urban context of those who are trapped in poverty, high unemployment rate, incarceration and their sin.

The Mission

“We exist to reach the heart of inner cities by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the culture of Hip Hop. We aid and disciple at risk teens, women, and men who’ve been influenced by socio-economical backgrounds and/or negative culture/environments.”

With their target demographic rate for ages 14 – 35, Frontline’s mission is “to utilize the hip hop culture through music and videography, to teach and inspire, and show young men and women a new way of life.”

The Plan

The Aim

“We aim to provide a refuge. A way to inspire a life changing decision, that will make a difference in eternity.

“We believe the answer for the inner city communities is not to do better, but to believe in Jesus.”

So the Frontline Movement asks:

“Who will stand in the gap for the at risk in the inner city? Who will counter the culture with an alternative to a world view of sin?”

Get Involved

You can help the Frontline Movement by getting involved with them. You can help through two avenues. You can click on choosing to help with the “Inner City Missions” or “Engaging Culture.”


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