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Rawsrvnt Challenges The Idea That Christians Can’t Rap About Sex

Rawsrvnt challenges-the-idea-that-christians-can't-rap-about-sex

When Rawsrvnt began crafting his last album it was in the midst of some very big life changes. He was a newlywed, had just purchased his first home, and recently discovered his wife was pregnant.

It all inspired the Game Changer title.

Another contributing factor was his desire to embody that theme in other ways. In addition to being a spiritual “game changer” in his community (and inspiring listeners to do the same), Rawsrvnt wondered how he might challenge the Christian music scene that nurtured him.

“Let’s keep it real. As a brand new groom, I was really looking forward to enjoying all the physical benefits of a covenant relationship. But I was struggling to find the right soundtrack for that type of activity,” Eddy “Rawsrvnt” Puyol said.

“There aren’t a lot of songs that both set the mood and express intimacy in ways that honor God. So instead of just complaining about it, I decided to pick up the pen and contribute my own art in that direction.”

The end result was a cover of Robin Thicke’sLost Without U” and an original track titled “Light Up the Night.” Both songs appear on Game Changer and celebrate romantic love.

The songs have not come without controversy though. Some critics didn’t feel that type of content should be included on a Christian hip hop album and took particular issue with Rawsrvnt’s choice to cover a mainstream artist’s music.’s reviewer admitted he reduced the album’s overall star rating because of the song and noted “I have no problem with artists getting real about issues, however, cheapening the union of man and wife to this level is unacceptable to me on too many levels, especially with the graphic sexual nature of the lyrics.”

After the review was published the site interviewed Rawsrvnt and specifically asked about that record.

Rawsrvnt told NRT’s Marcus Hathcock, “I know some Christians don’t like to see other believers cover songs from secular artists or may even think that the lyrics in this particular track are too racy for a believer to include on his album.”

“But just because someone isn’t a Christian artist doesn’t mean he/she cannot speak truth or sing about things that followers of Jesus would also affirm. That’s why I felt like it was okay to include this song on my album. Some parts of it talk about a moment of physical intimacy between a man and woman, but I don’t believe any of that language is out of bounds when it’s done within the confines of a marriage covenant as God intended.”


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Rawsrvnt also said being a husband helped him better understand Song of Solomon – the Bible book based on a romantic relationship and one that includes, according to some interpretations, language that describes specific sexual acts.

He says his sexual education did not come from the church, but instead from teenage peers during his pre-salvation days.

“Now that I understand even more so that God christened all of this, I believe that His people should be at the forefront of producing music that celebrates intimacy as He would,” Rawsrvnt explained in the NRT interview.

Could love songs be an entirely new direction for Rawsrvnt – an artist known for his contributions to the hip hop worship, Caribbean, and sports anthem pockets of Christian music?

“Perhaps,” Rawsrvnt laughs. “We’ll see how listeners respond and what inspiration the Lord continues to provide. If nothing else, I hope these few songs offer married couples a way to celebrate their love in a way that honors their faith.”

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