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R-Swift Needs Our Support, His Wife has Cancer

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UPDATE (11/29/13):

R-Swift has created a GiveForward page in an effort to raise money for the medical costs associated with his wife’s cancer treatments.  We are encouraging everyone to continue to pray for the family and financially support them if possible.


This afternoon, our friend and partner R-Swift sent us the following letter via email and asked us to post it on our website.

Dear Family,

I was debating whether or not I should send out an official press release, but that’s just not my style. I’ve always been honest and transparent with you, so why stop now?  I’m writing this letter to ask everyone for prayers as my family and I are facing a tough season.

Last month, my wife Stacey had to go to the ER after experiencing discomfort and fevers.  We were thinking maybe it was a stomach virus or something; well, after a few hours and some tests, the doctor came back and informed us that it was cancer.  This news shook us to the core; the first few days were filled with frustration, fear, questions etc.  It was also filled with prayer, comfort and overwhelming support from our family, friends and local body.

For the past month, we’ve spent so much time in the hospital with tests, surgeries, etc. Though this experience is very frustrating and has taken a toll on us mentally, physically, financially and emotionally, we find our sanity and peace in the fact that we serve a sovereign God who is greater than cancer or any affliction that we may face.

We are optimistic and believe that God will bring us out of this on top.  Today was the first chemotherapy treatment; she will do chemotherapy for 6-8 months.  I ask you for your prayers as we continue to walk this thing out.  I thank you all so much for the continued prayer and support throughout the years.

The Graham’s

We’d like to encourage everyone who is able to pray and give financially to help support R-Swift and his family during this season.  This situation will likely keep Swift off of the road for much of the next year. In addition, he will have increased responsibility at home while his wife recovers as the Graham’s have 3 daughters, Shayla (8), Jasmine (3) and Summer (1).

As many of you will recall, 4 years ago, R-Swift lost his son Rodnie Jr..  While this is yet another challenge for him and his family, we believe that R-Swift and his family will come out of this situation stronger than when they entered it.

If you wish to contribute monetarily, contributions can be made via Paypal to

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