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R-Swift Details ‘Dear Mr. President, Pt. 2’


R-Swift’s fifth studio album “Apply Pressure” included his second “Dear Mr. President” song and the Rhyme Council Music Group (RCMG) rapper recently talked about the open letter to President Barack Obama to Wade-O Radio.

“My whole motto as an artist is being a movement for the people, an artist that speaks for the people,” said R-Swift. “I want to voice their opinions, worries and concerns.”

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The hip-hop artist didn’t even plan on penning another “Dear Mr. President” track, but numerous fans asked him to write a sequel, so he did. “Dear Mr. President, Pt. 2” doesn’t express R-Swift’s opinions about Obama. He literally served as a moderator like in the plot of the song.

R-Swift asked fans before writing it, “If you were able to speak to the President what would you say?” He then randomly selected responses and incorporated them into the song, even including their names. The sound bites of people sharing their opinions about Obama between verses were obtained by RCMG Director of Marketing and Promotions Josh Huckstep.

“I’m not about to sit here and write a hook,” said R-Swift when asked what he wanted to do for a chorus. “We had Josh go hit the streets of Atlanta and interview random people.”

R-Swift promised that he’ll write a “Dear Mr. President” each term if his fans want him to (“or I’ll just continue to make it for my own listening pleasure”).

While R-Swift didn’t share his opinion about Obama on the song, he did so with Wade-O Radio.

“We all have these awkward perspectives toward the President like we can really do that much better of a job,” he said. “We can only sit here and have our opinions. None of us knows how it feels to have the pressure of an entire nation on your shoulders. We can say the stands that we would or wouldn’t take, but you never know unless you’re in those shoes.”

R-Swift said that he greatly disagrees with some of Obama’s policies, but he still supports and prays for him as the leader of the United States.


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