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R-Swift ‘Apply Pressure’ Full Interview

Tune in as DJ Wade-O talks with R-Swift about his new album “Apply Pressure“, life after Cross Movement Records, the evolution of Rhyme Council, moving from Philly to Atlanta and much more.

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– On The Past 2-3 years: “A lot of people been saying its been a while since I dropped an album.  But if you look a little closer, I have been on a lot of features the past few years.”

On the move from Philadelphia to Atlanta: “Tranistion can be hard period.  But its been good.  me and wife have been streched in so many ways since we’ve down to Atlanta….we’ve been growing. Growing a whole lot.”

On his new album ‘Apply Pressure’: “The goal of this album is to apply a social pressure to people and make them look at things differently.”

On leaving Cross Movement: “Out of respect for the legacy and the brand, there were certain things that I didn’t say when I was with Cross Movement.  Now that I’m indie, I’m just going to say whatever I want to say  and if people love it, they love it, if not, they don’t.”

On being indie now: “Not everyone that is in your corner is in your corner…I don’t mind going thru the storm if I know why I’m going thru it.”

On Cross Movement’s Legacy: “Because of what these dudes built, I can ask for honorariums”

On J.R.’s Talent: “He is a genius mind.  We have not seen 1/10th of what he can cook up.”

On the Evolution of Rhyme Council’s Roster: “There’s people that left, there’s people that came. There’s people that left again.  I’m not going to stop until we get that thing right.”

On the Underdog Experience with Social Club: Your never too small. God can use us to do great things no matter what your resources say. We plan to have fun and give a really really good show.”

On being a veteran in CHH: “Sometimes when you be in this thing for too long. You wind up getting tainted.”

You can stream or download the interview below:

In our interview, we spoke with R-Swift about:

– (1:20) – What R-Swift has been up to the past 3-4 years.
– (2:45) – The concept of R-Swift’s New Album ‘Apply Pressure’
– (4:40) – The issues R-Swift address on ‘Apply Pressure.’
– (6:50) – Life After Cross Movement
– (10:30) – Thoughts on Cross Movement’s Legacy and their Tribute being postponed.
– (13:45) – Features on ‘Apply Pressure’
– (16:30) – The Evolution of Rhyme Council
– (20:55) – The Current Rhyme Council Roster
– (22:00) – The Underdog Experience Tour with Social Club
– (23:15) – The State of Christian Hip Hop
– (28:12) – How he linked up with Social Club
– (31:45) – Books that have blessed R-Swift
– (33:42) – Apply Pressure in stores June 22


R-Swift’s Contact:

– Facebook : |  Twitter: @Swift215

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