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Propaganda Reveals Possible ‘Crimson Cord’ Cover Art


Humble Beast artist Propaganda recently revealed what appears to be the cover art for his upcoming album Crimson Cord.

Possible Crimson Cord Cover Art

RELEVANT Magazine recently talked with Propaganda and asked him what he hoped listeners take away from the album:

I would hope they think “That fool is incredible, he’s the most amazing rapper I’ve ever heard in my life!” [laughs]

Just kidding. Kind of.

I would hope that a lot of their assumptions are challenged. I would hope that they receive a new lens, that they would start asking questions of their leaders around them to think through some of the stuff I’m talking about.

And I also hope that I am able to put to words feelings they had but couldn’t get their brain around and they couldn’t articulate what they felt like they understood intuitively. So, my hope would be that God would allow that to happen. Because to me, that’s a win—when I’m able to tell someone a story that they felt like they didn’t have the words to tell.


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