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Propaganda ‘Crimson Cord’ Full Interview

Propaganda and DJ Wade-O discuss Prop’s new album Crimson Cord, the evolution of his artistry and Tunnel Rats vs. Cross Movement.

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In our interview, we spoke with Propaganda about:

  • [1:46] – The concept of Crimson Cord.
  • [3:20] – Seeing God’s hand on his life and becoming a Christian
  • [6:16] – How is background influenced his new song “Daywalkers” featuring Lecrae
  • [8:28] – The sound of Crimson Cord and what he does well as an artist
  • [11:00] – His dominant expression: Rapping or Poetry
  • [12:45] – How Propaganda views himself in the context of other poets and spoken word artists
  • [15:48] – The open mic hip hop and poetry scenes in 2014
  • [20:00] – His verse on Chad Jones’ “Problem” song and why he wasn’t in the music video
  • [22:00] – How far outside of his comfort zone he’ll go musically
  • [23:30] – The Cross Movement/ Tunnel Rats disagreements and G. Craige Lewis
  • [29:00] – Beautiful Eulogy and Propaganda’s respective shift in their musical content
  • [33:45] – Balancing/ stewarding travel and family time

Propaganda’s Contact:

– Web |  Twitter: @Propaganda

6 Way St. (FKA Level
New Music: Sicily -

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