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Why Pastor AD3 and Reconcile Left Full Ride Music Group

Thi’sl recently explained to Wade-O Radio why Pastor AD3 and Reconcile—former members of his record label, Full Ride Music Group—are no longer signed with him.

Each departure was linked to ministry, AD3’s being his pastoral duties.

“[AD3] has an amazing testimony of God’s grace that grew from the pain of how he became the pastor of the church, but dude is a real pastor,” Thi’sl told Wade-O.

Full Ride had been putting out great work, and AD3 was one artist who was consistently generating great content. All of a sudden, production from AD3 at Full Ride came to a halt. Thi’sl, owner and head of Full Ride, took some time to watch what was going on with AD3.

“As a Senior Pastor, my responsibility to my church just kind of grew overwhelmingly to a point where I had to spend more practical time doing more hands on pastoral ministry rather than my recording and music,” AD3 told Wade-O.

“I started watching him on Twitter,” said Thi’sl. “And when I started watching him on Twitter, everything was about the church.”

The tweets that Thi’sl saw were about how Ad3’s church was growing and thriving. One day, he saw a tweet with a link to AD3’s testimony.  Thinking, “Dang why he didn’t send this to me,” he decided to take a listen.

AD3’s testimony video was specifically for the church, and it was after watching the video that Thi’sl had decided AD3 already had a special gift and passion other than music that he should stick to.

“Dude, I don’t think you want to be an artist,” Thi’sl called and told AD3. “I see your passion is to build this church, and you’re doing a great job at it bro. You need to make records at your own leisure.”

AD3 agreed.

“Bro, you don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to talk to you about this,” Thi’sl recalled him saying. “I even told my wife I didn’t think the conversation was going to go well.”

During this phone call, Thi’sl and AD3 decided to part ways—not because anything negative had occurred, but because of Thi’sl’s desire to see his friend’s zeal for the church flourish.

“I believe God gives us a thing,” said AD3, “and whatever that thing is we should do it and pursue it instead of going after the things that we want because maybe God doesn’t want those same things for us.”

“We could have dropped a record with him and killed,” said Thi’sl.

Reconcile’s reason for leaving Full Ride wasn’t as simple.

“Reconcile, we just didn’t see things on the same plane,” said Thi’sl. “We were headed the same direction, but on two different airplanes.”

Reconcile parted ways with Full Ride, in part to focus on building an urban ministry in Houston. To clear the unfair speculation that arose from the split, they both confirmed that there is no animosity between the two of them.

“This’l is the big homie,” Reconcile told Wade-O Radio. “I love the dude, he’s a part of my life. He departed a lot of wisdom in my life. I’m grateful for our relationship.”

“AD3 is a pastor,” said Thi’sl. “Me and Reconcile, we lovingly chose to depart. That’s what it is.”

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