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[Open Letter] Joshua Dillard fka JT and Still Trill Christians Part Ways


“Since 2005, when we started Still Trill Christians, we sensed that the Lord had something special for us to accomplish. We were unique. We didn’t want to be the typical Christian rap group, and at that time quality Christian rap music was hard to find. We sought out to change that. Still Trill Christians was going to be the biggest Christian rap group in the world, and in the process, many souls would come to know Christ.

We were radical. From street evangelism, to trap houses, to the biggest secular beach party in Texas at the time, you could find us amongst what most would consider dangerous giving the gangsters, thugs, and prostitutes the Gospel. We didn’t compromise. We didn’t sugar coat anything, and we didn’t just tell people that “God Loved Them,” but we told them about how that love was demonstrated on the cross and the consequences of rejecting that love.

We were there to minister to the worst of the worst. I guess that’s why we connected well with so many people because we were fly, real, and willing to go where they were and risk it all. We treated every person as if this would be the last time we’d see them and their salvation was on the line. From grams of crack being thrown on the stage at altar calls, to guns laid on the altar, to prophetic words being released as we prayed individually for 200+ people at a time; these were the highlights of our ministry.

Some would say it was when we were featured on BET 106 & Park or when President Barack Obama awarded us, but it wasn’t. These were just rewards for the fruits of our labor. It was God opening doors that no man could close because our lives matched our lyrics.

God rewarded our faithfulness.

I’m thankful of how the Lord used us in Christian Hip Hop to open doors for so many others. I don’t say this in a boastful or braggadocios way, it was His plan, nothing we can take credit for; we were just a small part of His huge plan. It’s amazing to see where CHH is today.

As I reminisce about everything we’ve accomplished as a group I need you to understand that for much of my time with the group I hadn’t really imagined myself doing anything else. Still Trill Christians was it for me, until last year.

Until God revealed to me that He had a plan for my life outside of the group.

Of course before I released this letter me and the group sat down and had a hard conversation. It was a hard but good nonetheless. They are fully supportive of me officially going solo. I can say over the past 2 years the sweet part is God revealed to me His plan for my life with greater clarity.

I found out that I was more than a rapper. I’m an artist, author, entrepreneur and more.

So I want you guys to know that I do plan on continuing to put out music. Actually, you could possibly get a project from me this year, who knows? **hint hint**

It’s going to be extremely different than what you’re used to hearing from me if you’ve listened to my music before.

Now, I get to find me musically. I’m excited about that.

But if you’re curious about what’s immediately next for me then that would be a podcast that I created called “The Fly Society”.

The Fly Society is a show of young believers talking about faith, relationships, trends, and interviewing the dopest, unconventional Christian influencers. From entertainers, to athletes, to entrepreneurs and pastors. The Fly Society will ask the real questions to get the real answers. It’s Real Christians, Real Talk.

If this helps you visualize the format think the Christian Breakfast Club…

The Fly Society will officially release this on February 29th so if you’ve been waiting for a show like this sign up at to continue to receive updates and exclusives on the show launch.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for hearing my heart. Thank you to my bros STC for understanding.

I’m excited for what’s ahead and can’t wait to share it with you.”

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