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One Route Entertainment Artist Eric Cross Re-emerges with Inspiring New Album ‘The Unknown’



Milwaukee native Eric Cross first appeared on the hip hop scene in 2006 and quickly gained popularity in his area, even being named as Milwaukee’s holy hip hop artist of the year. He has recorded songs and shared stages with Pettidee, Cross Movement, and K-Drama. Eric Cross released his first national project, “The Art of Composition”, in 2007 as a Beatmart Recordings artist and followed up with the project “The Signature” in 2009. In the following years he traveled extensively with his music all over the United States. However, it seemed that was the last anyone would here of his talent. Fortunately this was not the case and Eric Cross joined One Route Entertainment artist D-MAUB to form the group Creature Clan releasing  “New Beginnings” in 2011.

This October Eric Cross will release his first solo project in 5 years. It has been a trying period for him in his faith and family. He opens up about it all on this latest project, “The Unknown”. He examines the demons we face but do not talk about. “This album is designed to give hope to those who feel singled out and let them know they are not alone in this journey we call life” says Eric Cross. He continues, “God reigns and he frees us we just have to confess in order to be set free.”  “The Unknown” will release October 14th on the One Route Entertainment label.
One Route Entertainment is an urban ministry and independent record label based in Cincinnati, Ohio created in 2005. ONE ROUTE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC aims to use every opportunity to the fullest to represent Christ in our lifestyles and in the public eye. With hard-hitting hip hop music, we want to re-claim our youth, streets, community, nation and beyond from negative thinking and living. Our ministry is inclusive of positive music, alternative fashion statements, and sound business practices. The label consists of Amber Bronson (General Manager), Keith “DJ Klassy K” Harrison, Shannon “Eric Cross” Vick and Donny “D-MAUB” Harper who serves as president/artist.

Be on the look out for Eric Cross’s first single to be released mid-September!

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