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On the Radar: Producer Dirty Rice

on the radar with dirty rice

When a buzz starts to go around, and you’re hearing everyone talk about something, that means it may need to be on your radar as well. Each month, we hope to highlight artists/producers that have been on our radar, and we think you should get to know them. Whether they are up and coming, been killing their features, or have produced some of the hottest tracks out right now in Christian hip hop. They have been placed on our radar and we hope to put them on yours.

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Music Producer Dirty Rice

This month’s “On the Radar” feature is someone that you have probably heard music from, on one of your favorite rappers tracks. It is super producer Dirty Rice.

Producers generally fly under the radar because they are the ones that you don’t hear on a track. It only takes one hit song to take a producer from under the radar to being on the forefront of everyone’s radar. Don’t get me wrong, Dirty Rice is far from a one hit wonder. He has produced tracks for Lecrae, Trip Lee, Collision Records and more. The truth is, Dirty Rice has probably produced a couple of your favorite songs over the past year. It’s because of that, we thought it was time to put Dirty Rice on your radar.

This feature contains an interview with Dirty Rice and some of the tracks he has produced.

Aubrey: How did you get into making music?

Dirty Rice: Well like a lot of producers, I started as a rapper. I was in a group and we needed beats so I started to play around with it and found out that my production skills were better than my skills on the mic. Then I started to slowly back away from the mic and hit the production real hard.

Aubrey: What are some of your musical influences?

Dirty Rice: I love soul music and I’ve always thought that the greatest musician of all time is Stevie Wonder. As far production, there is Timbaland and Kanye West who I think are two of the best producers of all time.

Aubrey: What is the process that you go through when making a track?

Dirty Rice: It differs really. Sometimes it’s as simple as driving down the road, hearing a dope sound in a song and trying to find a similar sound as that to build around. Sometimes it’s just sitting in a room with some other people and building off of one another. I love collaborating, so a lot of times that helps me. And sometimes it starts with a drum loop and I build from there. I put a lot of time and energy into my drums because I feel that is essential to a track.

Aubrey: What is your process on selecting who you work with?

Dirty Rice: I’ve been blessed over this past year to have guys seek me out. I’m not too picky on who I decide to work with. It’s just an honor to be making music and producing for guys as talented as I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Aubrey: What songs have you produced?

Dirty Rice: I’ve done some stuff with Reach. The first big song fans might have heard was “Before I Die” on (Derek Minor) PRo’s “Dying to Live” album. I also did “Robot”, “Fallin”, “Beautiful Life”, “Fantasy” and “Take Me There” on Trip Lee’s “The Good Life.” And I co-produced “Confe$$ions” and “Fuego” for Lecrae’s “Gravity” and co-produced “All In”, “YHWH” and “Broken Kings” for the Collision album. I’ve definitely been blessed to be busy recently.

Aubrey: Is there anybody in Christian hip hop that you haven’t worked with that you’d like to?

Dirty Rice: I got the chance to work with Tedashii a little for a song for Kids Across America but I would like to work with him again. I also got to work with Swoope a little for the We Live As King’s project but I would really like to work with him some more. So hopefully he reads this and we can make that happen, lol.

Aubrey: How did you get linked up with Collision?

Dirty Rice: I think that I first met Wit when we were working on “Gravity” and then a little while later Mike Luna (Co founder of Collision Records) reached out to me on Twitter. He said they needed some beats so I sent some out, I didn’t hear anything for awhile, so I sent some more and they ended up using all of those.

Aubrey: How did you get into Christian hip hop?

Dirty Rice: Derek Minor was like my door into the game. He is my dude and somewhat of a mentor outside of music. When he got signed to Reach Records he wanted a track from me and once I did that track the floodgates kind of just opened up for me.

Aubrey: So how did you and Derek Minor get together?

Dirty Rice: We met in college and it’s kind of a funny story. We were playing basketball and me and one of my buddies like to play fight in the middle of the game. Well Derek didn’t really like that, he was serious about the game and he was getting upset. So my first meeting with him was us having some words and getting mad at each other. Then it was probably a week later my buddy invited me to church. Before we went to church we had to pick up one of his friends and we just happen to pull up outside of Derek’s dorm to pick him up, and we’ve been great friends ever since. So I definitely think that God orchestrated that meeting.

Aubrey: How did you come up with the name Dirty Rice?

Dirty Rice: Well, like I said earlier, I started out as a rapper and I was apart of a rap group. I was a white guy and my rap partner was a black guy, and we were also from Louisiana, so you add the Cajun thing. It really just started as a joke but we were doing shows and records together. My partner ended up taking a different direction from the music path and I decided to just keep the name.

Aubrey: Do you have any upcoming projects or music that you’re working on?

Dirty Rice: I’ve been working with my artist BC. He is a dope young artist that I’m really excited about. I’m also working with Derek Minor on his new project. I’m real excited about some of the stuff I’ve been working with Alex Faith on. I don’t know if it will go on an album or it will just be songs, but I really enjoy getting into the studio with him. And I’m planning on getting in the studio with Dre Murray as well.

Aubrey: We ask this last question to everyone that we talk to, what have you been reading?

Dirty Rice: I’ve been reading a book called “Experiencing God.” It’s a Bible study that teaches people how to hear from God and get connected and involved with what God has going on. I would definitely recommend it to anybody.

You can find more info on Dirty Rice and his music through these outlets:

Twitter: Dirtyricemusic


Youtube: Dirty Rice Music Channel


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