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On The Radar: Interview w/ New York Singer Sheena

The following piece is a part of our On The Radar series including individuals who have been placed on our radar, and we encourage you to have them on yours.

Wade-O Radio: Who is Sheena?

Sheena: I am a female Christian singer/ songwriter with big curly hair who loves Jesus and music.

Where are you from?

Queens, New York

What was your introduction to Christian Hip Hop?

Getting Mark of the East’s Compilation album and playing it everyday on my CD player, being part of a group called TRUCE and seeing Corey Red & Precise live in concert.

Your latest album was a self-titled project. What was the purpose behind that title? Artists often do this when they take on a new name or are new to the scene, but Sheena isn’t your first body of work.

The purpose behind the title symbolizes a new season/ chapter for me in my life. When Chris Belmont of JahRock’n felt that it would be a good idea to rebrand myself because of the direction my music was going I agreed. And because I was sharing my life’s story/ journey I wanted to be more personable and introspective.

We noticed that your songs “Chase the Night,” Ladies Anthem” and “I Win” were featured on a Royce Reed web series. How did that come about?

Well a friend of mine by the name of Anesha Collins of Unashamed Imaging has been a big supporter of my music.  Being the fact that she was working  with Royce Reed filming her web series, she thought it would be a good idea to share my music with Royce. And that’s how that’s how that came about.

You recently released a dope music video for “I Win” and “Ladies Anthem.” Why did you combine the 2 songs into one video, and how did you come up with that idea?

Originally we wanted to do 3 music videos, but we weren’t able to do all 3. We didn’t want to leave out “I Win” so we combined them because we felt such a dope song needed a visual as well.

How did you connect with Butta P?

Just sent her text then from there we spoke on the phone about the vision I had for Ladies Anthem and the rest is history.

What do you think about the state of women in Christian Hip Hop?

I believe it’s growing and it’s getting better. I believe with all my heart that now is the time that God is rising women up to stand together, support one another and to collaborate more on music together. The ladies in CHH are making waves.

Have you started working on new music yet, or are you still focused on building on Sheena? When can people expect to see new work (songs/videos/etc) from you?

I’m still focused on building on this new album  and people can expect to see a new music video before the year is over.

Where can people follow you and purchase your music?

They can follow me @iamsheenamusic on all social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Soundcloud or go to my website

You can also purchase the new album Sheena on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play & Spotify.

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