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Not On My Watch Ministry conducts 40 Nights of Prayer for Hip Hop Community

nomwflyer-page-001 is teaming up with New York-based ministry Not on My Watch for their annual praying and fasting time from January 1 – February 9. Each week we will be posting Not on My Watch’s blog and devotion, as we join them in praying each day for the hip hop community.

The posts are written by Kei-Landa Rembert (@PrayForHipHop).

Not On My Watch 2017

40 Nights of prayer and fasting for the hip hop community sun-down to sun-up. (During the day you can eat but when the sun goes down you turn over your plate and pray.)

Week 1 – The Comeback (Lost Sheep)


“If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them gets lost, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine sheep in the wilderness and go to search for the one that is lost until he finds it?” (Luke 15:4)

As I think about God there are many words that can be used to describe Him, but there is one that stands out – intentional. God does nothing by accident; everything He does is with purpose and on purpose. One of those things He is intentional about, is loving you and me and pursuing us with this love. God saw fit to leave His throne, wrap Himself in flesh and come save us. This is a truth that many artists in the hip-hop community already know, yet, some may not.

Our prayers this week are centered on those who are lost. As I reflected on this, Luke 15:4 came to mind and I began asking myself. ‘What would make a shepherd leave 99 for 1 lost sheep? What would make them not give up until they found what was lost?’ And sure enough the answer is LOVE. Do we have this same love when we look at hip hop artists who are lost?

This year, there is urgency in my heart to be intentional with our prayers and let God pour into us His love for the Hip Hop community. May we pursue them with our prayers by name and wait in anticipation for God to bring them unto Himself.

Here are some prayer points to guide you through the week. I encourage you to get a journal and record what God is speaking to you. May God meet each of you in a fresh way this week, I will be praying for you all!

Week 1: Jan. 3 – Jan. 8

Tuesday (Adopt-A- Rapper)

Pray and write down the names of two rappers that you know personally who need to know and walk in the love of God.

– Ask God for His heart concerning those artists.

– Read Acts 26:18

– Pray for the two rappers that you know personally.

– Take your time to lift each one up separately.

– Do any verses come to mind? Write them down.

Wednesday (Adopt-A- Rapper)

– Pray and ask God to give you 2 more names, this time of rappers that you know from afar (meaning you only hear them on radio or see them on television lol)

– Read Acts 26:18

– Take your time to lift each one up separately.

– Do any verses come to mind? Write them down.

Thursday (Personal Reflection)

– Write down your testimony.

– Where were you before God? What were some of the things that you struggled with? Write it down.

– Take a moment to thank God for where He has brought you from.

– Ask Him to do the same for the artists that you have listed.


Tweet/DM/FB the two rappers that you don’t know. Let them know that you prayed for them this week.

– Who is on the cover of XXL magazine this month? Find out and pray for them.


Reach out to the two rappers that you do know. Call, text, invite for lunch or however you feel led. Let them know that you prayed for them. Please take the opportunity to also share anything God may have laid on your heart concerning them.

Sunday (Heart Check)

Heart Check are personal days where you are asking God to deal with your own heart. Here are some points:

– Heart Change

– Compassion

– Love Intentionally

– New eyes

Questions to answer:

  1. What are my views on the hip hop community? What is lacking?
  2. Do I believe God is able to bring in the lost ones? Why? Or Why not?
  3. How is my vision changing?
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Kei-Landa is a Hip-Hop/R&B artist from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Alongside making music of her own God has placed in her a strong desire to pray for artists in the hip hop community both secular and Christian. Not On My Watch's #40Nights was birthed in 2012 making this the 5th year! She looks forward to seeing all God will do.

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