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New Video: Yaves – “55 Summers” Visuals


Artist: Yaves
Song: 55 Summers
Album: Favor Over Fury
Video shot by: Z4L Productions; Oakland, CA.


(Written by: Elyse Applewhite)

Released just shy of November, marking the beginning of the holiday season as a time that is rich with memories and savory remnants of gatherings, 55 Summers gives a stark reality that there will be a few empty seats at the dinner table for another year.

Reenacted events depicted from stories that are all too real, the video touches the soul of people who know what it is like to have family members who have been victims of living the life that leads to one of two places. The intro plays out as an actual conversation that artist Yaves Ellis is having with his cousin who was sentenced to 55 years in prison.

“I just remember one day when me and Antione were talking and I thought to myself, 55 years, that’s 55 summers you’ll spend locked up,” Yaves said during a discussion as the album was in the early stages of production.

The video digs to personal depths and reveals the motivation behind the SlingShot movement of why Yaves is walking in the life he is versus following in the footsteps of those who preceded him, given an opportunity to change what is becoming a social norm Yaves raps;

“This is bigger than me just rapping quotes boy, I’m breaking the curse from a family of dope boys…hat brim low time to go, I hold my head high”

True and transparent Yaves continues to build on the musical genius that has garnished him respect from the underground as well as mainstream scene. The honesty in his music seems to be self therapeutic as well as relatable to the those who listen.

So this video is in the name of all the Maurice’s, Jerrel’s, Basilia’s, Craig’s, Denise’s, Lamar’s and anyone else whose life is confined by four cinderblock walls of a jail cell or the walls of your mind evoking bondage. Freedom isn’t just something that is granted by the judicial system.

“It’s a battlefield of the mind, that’s where it starts at. Everyday when I wake up I realize, today may be another battle but it starts in my mind.”

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