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New Video: Swoope – #SameTeam (Official Remix Music Video)


Artist: Swoope
Song: #SameTeam
Album: Sinema
Label: Collision Records
Video Produced by: Sway (CTZN Collective)

One week since releasing Sinema, Swoope is back with the official remix video for #SameTeam. Since Collision CEO Adam Thomason started tweeting using the hashtag a year ago, the movement for unity in mission among Christian Hip Hop outlets and artists has continued to grow, setting the stage for Swoope’s newest hit.

The video includes Swoope & JGivens’ original verses, but adds in KB, Alex Faith, KIDD, Jackie Hill, and Taelor Gray. Along with additional verses, the video is covered in cameos from CHH artists ranging from Stephen the Levite (Lampmode) to Datin (GOM) to Sho Baraka.

Check out the video below:


Pick up Sinema today: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Collision Records (physicals)


What can you do to promote unity in Christian Hip Hop? (Reply in comments below)


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