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New Video: Stephen The Levite – “Frienemies” feat. JGivens & Tragic Hero


PHILADELPHIA, PA (December 29, 2014)–“Sometimes best friends turn to enemies.” This is Stephen the Levite’s way of describing his soured relationship with secular Hip Hop.

His brand new “Frienemies” video, released Dec. 29, offers a satirical view of the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, during the culture’s peak influence on his life.

Featuring JGivens and Tragic Hero, hilariously acted attempts to mimic Flavor Flav, Puff Daddy, Ma$e, N.W.A., Run DMC, Dipset, Kid n’ Play and more, take the audience on a journey.

It shows the way Stephen the Levite—real name, Darrell Bell—once responded to Hip Hop as a culture-controlled trend-follower, rather than a counter-cultural Christ-follower.

Present day, the Cali-bred, Philly-based Christian rapper looks retrospectively and concludes that God used earlier Hip Hop “providentially,” despite many of the themes being incongruent with his faith.

The “Frienemies” footage visually explores what Stephen the Levite lyrically explains: he “learned a couple lessons from the television,” owed to Hip Hop’s ubiquity.

From clothing styles to belief systems, he was once admittedly “addicted”—a concept depicted on film with precision by Scouts Honor Media Co.

The five-minute video features everything from break dancing to pop locking, swinging nun chucks to DJ’s scratching turntables—a spot-on portrayal of the times.

“Frienemies” is first official single from Stephen the Levite’s latest LP, Can I Be Honest?, now available on iTunes

Watch “Frienemies” feat. JGivens & Tragic Hero below:

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