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New Video: S.O. – “The Hunt”

Artist: S.O.
Song: “The Hunt” w/ instrumental from “Wait”
Album: So It Ends (iTunes | Amazon | Lampmode)
Album Release Date: October 16, 2015
Label: Lampmode Recordings

Via Lampmode Recordings:

The Hunt, the third and final promo video for S.O.’s new album So It Ends, releases today. The Scouts Honor Media Co. production begins with a woman penning a letter in her dining room. Unexpectedly, a paper airplane containing a note flies into the open window, leading the woman on an incredible scavenger hunt.

By the end of the hunt, she is greeted by S.O., who is holding a bouquet of flowers. The instrumental to the song Wait is featured in the promo. The first promo video for So It Ends was entitled Reflections. In the clip, S.O. watches scenes from his life projected on to a screen as he narrates his journey. The second promo, Drama, features gifted spoken word artist Ezekiel Azonwu.  The poet narrates as a couple tries to work towards reconciliation.

S.O. also released a video for the first single off the album, also called So It Ends, as well as a video for the song Satisfy. So It Ends drops Friday. It’s available for pre-order at every major music outlet where online music is sold. Fans who pre-order can immediately download the So It Ends single.

Watch “The Hunt” below:

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