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New Video: S.O. – “The Crew/Judah’s Verse” feat. Serene & Json

Artist: S.O.
Featured Artists: Serene & Json
Song: “The Crew/Judah’s Verse”
Album: So It Ends (iTunes | Amazon | Lampmode)
Album Release Date: October 16, 2015
Label: Lampmode Recordings


Lamp Mode Recordings artist S.O. recently released a video for his song The Crew/Judah’s Verse – featured on his recently released So It Ends album.

The song talks about the joy of being God’s covenant people, and fittingly the entire video was shot at The Legacy Conference. Held annually at Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute, The Legacy Conference is a convention committed to disciple-making in the urban context. The celebratory family reunion feel to the conference matches the festive vibe of the song.

The Crew/Judah’s Verse features guest appearances by Serene and Lamp Mode president Json. The Judah’s Verse portion of the title is a nod to S.O.’s close friend and producer G.P., who has a son named Judah.

“It’s something that he can look back on when he is older and say, ‘My uncle did that for me,’” S.O. said.

The Crew/Judah’s Verse is the third video off of So It Ends. S.O. has also released videos for Satisfy and the album’s intro, which is also entitled So It Ends.

So It Ends is available at every major music outlet where online music is sold.

Watch “The Crew/Judah’s Verse” below:

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