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New Video: Quina Parchment – “Battle” (Spoken Word Piece)

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Poem Written & Performed by: Quina Parchment
Title: Battle
Spoken Word Project: The Eternal Saga of the Saints – Book One – Embark
Book One – Embark Release Date: February 4
Song: “Sing” by Bellarive
Violin: Mari Conigliaro
Song Re-Mixed & Mastered by: Derek Webb of Krellow Productions
Video Directed by: DJ Mogg

Quina Parchment, a spoken word artist based out of Tampa, Florida recently released her free Spoken Word Project The Eternal Saga of the Saints – Book One – Embark.

Parchment has been diligently working on and praying over this project, as her passion is to “communicate timeless truths through the art form of spoken word,” and her heart is to “make Christ known among the nations.”

“Battle” Description:

“Battle” is the first track on Quina Parchment’s spoken word project The Eternal Saga of the Saints. More information on Book One – Embark and Quina’s upcoming releases can be found on her website: http://QuinaisHidden.com.

Upcoming Releases:

Book Two | Sojourn – Releases March 4th
Book Three | Abide – Releases April 8th


Lyrics (inspired by Autumn Geer’s poem “Battle in the Sky”):

I feel the tension Yes, I’m guessing something serious is here/ We walked on substance slippery, tucked in Egyptian cotton/ our comfort words so smooth to our ears

But just then, awakened we heard a trumpet inferred that our lives were in danger strange this occurred
when rumors of peace were spread in the streets Death? hard to believe war seemed so absurd…

But foreboding masses were gathered against us The grey, grim reality that we were under attack Plus hooves smacked concrete cracked The fleet was here! We turned our backs and ran from that fiery cannon aimed straight at our hearts, but the earth shook and we fell hard still undertook to run with scars

But the sky turned dark and all we could see were the streaks of steel two-edged sword slashing shining its reflection revealed where we hid we were no longer concealed no illusions no tricks No! Exposed, unclothed a sight to loathe guilty caught by our Foe for cosmic treason against the King

He stepped up to meet us He was terrifying to see eyes like fire we shut ours in fear awaiting execution ready to hear a sharp blade run through our necks to rid us from the earth shocking what’s next ‘cuz instead we felt a river of warmth Was it raining? we looked opened our eyes the King was wounded bleeding from his side blood poured all on us
like drops from the sky I didn’t understand

Was that my sword in his side? The warrior I could no longer recognize He looked weak He looked at me And we watched him drop down and die We began to cry and our bitter tears touched his blood still on our skin Here we wept and Here we saw the fiery

One the King burst through the black horizon He was back! to shine bright light on us all and we were changed to be arches of color that paint the sky all nations tongues tribes A rainbow of praise to the Risen Son reflecting His rays By His blood Peace was won


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