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New Video: Foure – “Thousand”

Artist: Foure
Song: “Thousand”
Label: Independent Description:

Thousand is a song about being there for the people who matter most to you, no matter what. In it’s intended context, the song serves two point of views.

The first viewpoint is that of a person who has passed away. He is saying to his family, even though you can’t see me face to face, I will always be there for you. Even though you can’t hang out with me, you have all these memories that we created together. I wrote the song after the passing of a close friend (Jayson Richardson), and the passing of a another friend’s close friend. It was my way of coping with the situation, when normal talking words wouldn’t come out right.

The second viewpoint of the song is also very personal to me. Recently I packed my life into a car, and moved (to New Jersey) 1,000 miles away from home (Nashville, Tennessee), hence the title “Thousand”. I wanted a way to express to the friends and family in Tennessee that I was still there if they needed me. I didn’t want anyone to feel abandoned by me. So this was my way of saying, “hey, I’m still here whenever you need to talk”.

In the video you’ll notice that you don’t see any faces other than my own. You see people, but you can’t see their faces. I think you just figured out why… If not, it represents the fact that I can’t see them face to face. The people in the video represent memories of the people in my life.

Honestly, I had no intentions of making this video. It snowed, I got off work early, so I figured, lets see what I can come up with. I hope you enjoy the song and the video. Please share the video with the people you love, let them know you will be there no matter what.

Watch “Thousand” below:

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