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New Video: Alex Faith – “I 285”

Artist: Alex Faith
Song: “I 285”
Album: Southern Lights: Overexposed (iTunes | Amazon | Google Play)
Album Release Date: April 28, 2015
Label: Collision Records


“Where I was raised Hip-Hop was the language that everybody around me spoke. So I grew up listening to that. I enjoyed it. I loved it. So that was the language I was taught to believe things in. As a believe the motivation for me is to counter that message and teach people about Jesus and how Jesus is better than those things that we were taught via the vehicle of Hip-Hop.” – @AlexFaithATL

I-285 is a song about the history of the Hip-Hop scene in Atlanta and how Alex Faith grew up in it. Watch him talk about his story in Hip-Hop’s southern capital:

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