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New Video: Aasha Marie – “Lollipop”


Artist: Aasha Marie
Song: Lollipop
Features: Point Ash and CW Allen
EP: Breaking Obscurity
Video Shot by: Paper Pigeon Studios

Rapper Aasha Marie releases the official visuals for “Lollipop”, from her 2014 EP Breaking Obscurity. 

Aasha explains the music video and song description below:

The music industry is driven by the idea that the more attention or admiration your garner, the more wealth you accumulate, the more validated in the world’s eyes and from their perspective, we are full, beautiful, and don’t have to want for anything. On the contrary, in God’s eyes we are empty, naked, pitiful and destitute (James 5:1-6) because we don’t know God because pleasure, riches and vanity is our God.

As with a child, the doctor gives him/her a lollipop to soften the blow of what’s to come. Much like this scenario, in the music video, the lollipop represents the innocence and “sweetness” of a carefree, party, money isn’t an issue that a lifestyle of pleasure promises. However, the Bible says that a rich lifestyle void of God leads to an eternity of pain and emptiness when we aren’t rich toward God (Luke 12:21).

As I play the young woman in the video who indulges in this lifestyle, the beginning I seem to be dead, portraying the hollow state of my soul, those surrounding me with the lollipops are a “behold your idols” type of scene. While I play back the details of my life, every time I look in the mirror (vanity), you will catch glimpses of my once alive colorful skin changing it’s hue to reflect the dead state of my soul.

Watch video below:

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