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#Wade408 – B. Reith is Back!

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Christian Hip Hop Podcast:

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Welcome to another edition of Wade-O Radio, the show giving you the latest and greatest Christian Hip Hop Music, News & Culture plus interviews with all your favorite artists.

Fresh off of a 3 year hiatus, B. Reith joins us to preview new music and discuss what he’s been up to since we last heard from the singer, songwriter/ rapper.

Plus we blast off the 10 hottest joints out right now in Wade’s World Wide Top 10.  And new music from Fern and Dre Murray.



Going In Mix Powered by Covenant Eyes

  • Victory” Fern feat. Chris Durso
  • “All My Life” – S.O.
  • “Now I Know” – Andy Mineo
  • “Crazy” – Canton Jones
  • “Let Your Feet Do the Talkin’” – B. reith
  • “Do This Everyday” – Lavoisier feat. Bizzle
  • “Ambition” mashup – Lecrae
  • “2021” Brvndon P
  • “DWB” – Dre Murray feat. David James

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch the Journalist

  • “Be Me” – Tedashii

Interview w/ B. Reith Pt 1

  • “Don’t Forget About Me” – B. Reith feat. Christon Gray & Beleaf
  • “Alone Tonight” – Radikal Hughes ft. Sevin & Bizzle
  • “1Eighty” – Transparent

Interview w/ B. Reith Pt 2

  • “The City” – Da’ T.R.U.T.H. feat. B. Reith

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Hour #2

Wade’s World Wide Top 10: The 10 Hottest Joints Out Right Now

  • #10: “Season’s Change” – J. Monty
  • #9: “Zone” – Serge

Wade’s Way Back Track: “Bottom of the 9th” – Knine feat. B. Reith

  • #8: “No Quit” – Derek Minor
  • #7: “Turn It” – Dre Murray

Spoken Word Piece of the Week: “Losing My Religion” – Kirk Franklin

  • #6: “I Believe” – KB

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch the Journalist

  • #5: “No Hate” – Bizzle feat. Bumps Inf
  • #4: “Glowry” – Kriss Liss
  • #3: “Gunz N Roses” – Eshon Burgundy
  • #2: “’95 Atlanta” – Alex Faith feat. Corey Paul

New Joint of the Week: “Having Said That” – Fern ft. Marty & Kaleb Mitchell

  • #1: “100 Bars Pt 3” – J. Monty

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The Mix of the Week

  • “Don’t Forget About Me’” – B. Reith ft. Christon Gray & Beleaf
  • “Dream Chaser” – John Givez feat. Morgan Nolani
  • “No Hate” – Bizzle feat. Bumps INF
  • “The Omnis” – Shai Linne ft. Andy Mineo, Giano & Omri
  • “Hear My Heart” – Andy Mineo
  • “Play Me At Your Wedding” – Dre Murray
  • “Nostalgious” – Christon Gray
  • “London Dreams” – S.O.

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch the Journalist

  • Healthy Fear” – Eshon Burgundy feat. Je’kob
  • “Guns x Roses’” – Eshon Burgundy
  • “Not For Sale” – Bizzle feat. kefia Rollerson
  • “Ali”  – Sho Baraka feat. Ali
  • “95 atlanta” – Alex Faith feat. Corey Paul
  • “Poison” – Japhia Life
  • “Baited” – FLAMe feat. Fedel
  • “The Warm Up” – Canon
  • “Hope” – Da T.R.U.T.H. ft. Thi’sl & Trip Lee
  • “No Ceilings” – Fedel feat. KB
  • “Know Thats Right” – Andy Mineo                                                                                                                                          

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What Is Your Favorite Song from this week’s Show?

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