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New Music Tuesdays 6/26/12 Feat. Bizzle, Leah Smith, J. Miles, Dorian Grey & Emrand Henry

With the re-launch of the new site, new Wade-O Radio Show logo and new NMT banner, it is only fitting that we hit you with some new music this Tuesday. We have hot sizzling tracks from Bizzle & Bumps INF, J. Miles featuring Philly singer Leah Smith, Dorian Grey, and reggae artist Emrand Henry. Enjoy!

Artist: Bizzle

Song: Unjust Scales
Album: Martyrs in the Making
Release Date: 6/26/12
Twitter: @MyNameIsBizzle
Twitter: @BumpsINF
Review: There is no topic or popular news story that will go under Bizzle’s radar without him presenting his point of view on the topic. But in some aspects, Bizzle is talking about what some of us think, but never say. To sum it up, Bizzle does it again with a no holds bar track with ‘unjust scales.’ Presenting several angles of injustice, hoping that we see the errors of our ways. He points out the obvious and then tries to give solutions in the process.
Artist: J. Miles
Song: Love Letters Feat. Leah Smith
Album: Slave Trade EP
Release Date: Now Available
Twitter: @jmiles522
Twitter: @leahsmithmusic
Review: That voice. That voice. Leah Smith brings this track to life. Along with J. Miles lyrics, ‘Love Letters’ is a profound transparent track. Nothing spectacular. But sometimes simplicity always brings the message home well.

Artist: Dorian Grey
Song: Key 2 Life
Production By: Dorian Grey
Twitter: @Iamdgrey
Review: This one man army is giving you the ‘key to life.’ Dorian produced, wrote, and did the vocals for this track. It’s a pretty decent track, but I did feel as if it ended too soon.

Artist: Emrand Henry
Song: You’re Blessed
Produced By: Francis Leebo De Lima (Massive Riddim)
Twitter: @Emrandhenry
Review: Are you ready to dance? Emrand does a great job with this track. Even though it doesn’t have that strong dance hall feel, it does have a great tempo and message.
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