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New Music Tuesday- 4/10/12 Feat. Viktory, Ali Rozet and 737

Finally! New Music Tuesday is back! I know that’s what many of you have been thinking. Well, your Tuesday music fix is back and is bringing you nothing but kingdom bangers. This week we’re starting back up with Viktory, Ali Rozet and 737.


Artist: Viktory

Song: Unstoppable Feat. Bizzle and T Haddy
Album: R4
Album Release Date: April 17th
Produced by: BMII and T Haddy
Twitter: @ViktoryR4, @ThaddyVIP, @mynameisBizzle, @Prodbybmii

Review: Viktory hits you with the punchlines, Haddy hits you with the smooth chorus, and Bizzle hits you, with a more lighter rhyme scheme than his previous ‘keeping it real’ style, to give you a hard hitting track. The track feels a little gritty when Viktory rhymes, but not much, just because of T Haddy’s flow and the production.

Artist: Ali Rozet

Song: Bread Feat. JGivens, ProCyse and Young Buddy
Album: The Abolition EP
Produced by: BMII
Twitter: @MuzikRo, @Prodbybmii

Review: With great production, a strong flow and features, Ali Rozet’s ‘Bread’ single is a banger. Rozet comes hard from the get-go, setting the scene about Jesus and what He came to do, and having the Gospel saturated all over it! The organ in the beginning gives it a good feel as well.

Artist: 737

Song: King of All Kings Feat. Json and Dillon Chase
Produced by: Geeda
Twitter: @J737, @Json116, @dchase116

Review: When you have a strong hook, and a strong emcee to deliver the hook, you’re sure to have a banger on your hands. That is exactly what 737 has. He teamed up with two veterans in CHH and delivered a great track. 737 was also able to hold his own, telling the story of Jesus’ life.

Albums Dropping 4/10/12:

  • Trip Lee- The Good Life
  • Manafest- Fighter

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