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New Music: The Battery – “Willie Vaquez” & “Copy Us” feat. Tunnel Rats

Artist: The Battery (Jurny Big & Peace 586)
Featured Artists: Tunnel Rats ( Macho (New Breed), Elsie (New Breed), Griffin, Propaganda, Zane, Sojourn, Sev Statik, Shames Worthy, Jurny Big)
Songs: “Willie Vasquez” & “Copy Us” feat. Tunnel Rats
Album: The Change Up
Album Release Date: March 3, 2015
Label: ILLECT Recordings

To get you primed for the release of their upcoming album The Change Up, The Battery has released not one but two singles: “Willie Vasquez” and “Copy Us.” Copy Us features the first Tunnel Rats posse track to release in years!

Pre-order the album on iTunes and receive instant download of both singles.

Listen to “Willie Vasquez” and “Copy Us” below:

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