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New Music: Skrip – “Stop It” (Official Music Video)


Artist: Skrip
Song: “Stop It”
Album: Und_rscore II
Producer: Skrip
Directed By: World Renegade Films
Visual Effects: Christopher Levin


Skrip is rapper, producer and preacher.

Check out the new music video from Rapper/ Producer Skrip.  This is the latest single from the Chicago-naitive’s free project entitled Und_rscore II.

Many chase dreams of stardom and hope to get there on the stage and through a microphone. Many in Hip Hop idolize those who propagate negativity.  Scrip’s song and video go against that thought process.

“Music was made for more than perpetuating negativity. If you’ve got the gift you don’t need to try to copy anyone else: give people a breath of fresh air.” says Skrip. In his song “Stop It” he encourages those who are pursuing a platform to give up while their ahead if they are going to add to the negativity within the Hip Hop culture.

Skrip realizes, however, that not everyone will receive his message. “Music with a meaning is what lacks in popular Hip Hop, and ‘Stop It’ is bound to step on some toes-deservedly.” Although serious in the song approach, Skrip is a funny guy as communicated in the visual for “Stop It”.

“Stop It” is available for download on Scrip’s free album ‘Und_rscore II.’ Check it out here.

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