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Free Download: Eshon Burgundy – Election Day


We can always count on Eshon Burgundy for dope lyrics and timely messages.  Check out his latest single, wrote and recorded on, election day 2016, Novemeber 8th, prior to the results of the election were known.  In the song, Eshon reminds us all that God is ultimately in control.

You can peep election day below.


Election Day/
Deception day/
I know a man heart reflects his ways/
I’m looking at the ballot silent feeling all perplexed and dazed/
Hear the sound of fear trumpet through the atlas/ 
Whoever get the job I know they gonna do it backwards/ 
I’m a man of faith and this right here is just practice/ 
Gotta trust the Lord with the script these are just actors/
No matter who is chosen/
I pray a road to Damascus/
I pray they feel the light and receive their sight after/
They already blind/
Do ya best to hold ya head up these heavy times/
Mind of a prophet I’m out here watching for every sign/
I play my part you know what I’m doing but never mind/
I don’t put everything on the gram/
Those close to to me they know exactly who I am/
I was never the one to put my faith into a man or woman/
Regardless of what they saying I know war coming/
I know the winner of the war I know who got the trophy/
I run wit Him my one prayer was that He knows me/ 
Some preachers want money all He want is ya loyalty/ 
So He can forgive ya loan/ 
If He don’t you gone have to pay back everything you owe Him/
God’s Word officially the most quoted/
No matter how you voted satan is still a culprit/ 
And we war with Him/ 
Not against flesh and blood/ 
And I don’t care who win/
My enemy I’m still committed to love

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